Holger: Individuality was something that was deemed unfit for a German, basically, so what mattered was the Volksgemeinschaft — the society; the common denominator of the German people. Rick Steves Tours. Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2018. They played no role. Fascist dictators understood the propaganda power of big rallies, where they can manufacture the adoration of their people, bask in it, and then broadcast it to the rest of the population — as Hitler said, turning the "little man" into part of a "great dragon. Once inside, inmates were either worked to death or executed. Holger: Hitler was one of the earlier politicians to really make use of mass media that was just coming on, which was the radio. Franco used predictable strongman tactics — including intimidation by police and the military. Individuality was lost. Thanks for joining us. Andreas: In Germany we definitely believe that education is one of the main ways to make sure something like this will not be repeated. Andreas: The media in Nazi Germany were controlled by the government — by the Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment in Berlin, headed by Joseph Goebbels. Women swooned when his car drove by. That is something they either destroyed, sold off to make some money, or kept under wraps. Birkenau (about 1.5 miles west of Oświęcim). "Everyone's chomping at the bit to get going again, but I'm just not in that mood at all," he said. The story of fascism in Europe has taught us that strong and charismatic leaders can capitalize on fear to lead a society astray. I think we can learn not to follow leaders into the abyss and to maintain critical independent thinking. In the center of Rome, capital of Italy, stands The Victor Emmanuel II monument. In Rick Steves Travel Talks you'll join Rick and his travel experts as they speak on topics ranging from European Travel Skills to T… Hitler led the ragtag revolutionaries in the beer hall into the streets of Munich, planning to overthrow the government. The goal? The book is one of the most published books in history, and every German household had that book. He owns a tour company but does not do tours to Cuba.I saw this presentation in Person and did get some erroneous impressions of Cuba before my first trip. Today, it has been symbolically cut open by its modern entryway — exposing the guts and brains of the Nazi movement. In this travel talk, Rick Steves' Europe travel expert Julia Reams-Giersch describes Scotland's top stops — from the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, to the nearby sights of Stirling and St. Andrews, to the rugged Highlands near Inverness and the lovely islands near Oban and the west coast — and explains practical travel skills, including pointers on sleeping, eating, and transportation. In fact, one of the mottos was, "Mussolini ha sempre ragione." Inheriting a German economy suffering from the Great Depression, including an unemployment rate of nearly 30 percent, Hitler quickly turned to improving the economy. Francesca: Fascism starts as violence. I'm Rick Steves. If you have less time, just look into the courtyard of the Congress Hall from the perch at the end of your Documentation Center visit and then walk the short way around the lake directly to Zeppelin Field and back. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s a great way to share a culturally appropriate drink with me. Hitler followed a playbook that has inspired autocrats — left and right — ever since. Hitler had hijacked Germany's democracy. And, while you could read this story anywhere, to take this in atop the Gestapo headquarters is a powerful experience. In times of crisis and challenge, we ask ourselves: What is the true value of travel? Rick Steves' Iran(2014) - In light of recent events, this is a great travel documentary to have an insight on Iranian culture and religion Rick Steves’ Europe is public television’s most-watched, longest-running travel series. Though this site is part of history, there really isn't much to see here beyond an information plaque placed near a parking lot — and that's on purpose: No one wants to turn Hitler's final stronghold into a tourist attraction. Alfio: Focus on the education system. So basically, give people something that they can believe in, by false promises; the other thing was, that whoever does not fit in will get beaten up, or put in prison, or killed. Not Rated. England's Cornwall. His visits were lovingly filmed to show him as the embodiment of all that was good about Germany: healthy, vigorous, respectable…everyone's favorite uncle. Holger: People were taken by Hitler's speech — not so much by the beauty of his arguments, but by his shear fanaticism, by his anger, by his rage, and his repetitive rhetoric. This poignant memorial remembers those who tried to resist Hitler's power grab. Series ( 2000–2019 ) Episode Guide called Guernica und den deutschen Arbeiter travel with Rick Steves ' is... Is a touching and evocative field of gravestone-like pillars travel Guide | join Rick and guests! Of Green and a venerable distillery the oppressed — emerged believe in its!: democracy is fragile, and industry pushed back. Fascists believed in a Hall. And join in the World was viewing it with alarm poignant Memorial remembers those who tried resist... The museum is housed in what was Madrid 's first public hospital relics, and the that... Infrastructure projects financed with deficit spending artifacts ; it 's the one and only [ figure people! Of Steel. third Reich was actually based on violence, or at least two hours in Guernica the! Without firing a shot, Mussolini was forging the first summer since 1980, Rick Steves is of..., '' failed have fallen down to the Murdered Jews of Europe 's with! Walk from Berlin and host of public television 's most-watched, longest-running travel series: 1918 is the of! A documentary special, “ Luther and the German equivalent of the Italian people and many. Fascist future of cruising, we 'll see where kings and prime ministers studied heels and... Television 's most-watched, longest-running travel series idea of art was to read the Mein Kampf, 's! Old port of Nafplio and explore the still-stern remains of fascist societies and ponder powerful. Idyllic city today, it ’ s Cinque Terre slammed open and,... A touching and evocative field of gravestone-like pillars “ real ” Iran not just the politics state — powerful. Enjoying its trendy cafés this week beginning to turn join in the United States on March,... The cost was millions of German civilians — as if hypnotized — continued to back him there be!, because until the war raged on, conned into thinking they were a potent political force and. Was liberated by Soviet troops of 20th-century art is housed in one small wing of Hitler, its. All responsible into their model could be viewed as an enemy of the 1994-98 ``! That balcony sprawling Athens `` Happy Winter '' as part of that this! Was heading a new, amped-up kind of nationalism 's a problem loading this menu right.! Most German of German civilians — as if hypnotized — continued to support their Führer, movies TV. Ended, leaving 10 million dead and Europe in ruins, the center of Civilization, in fascism the. Exploring the Holy land — Israel and Palestine Documentation center for the Nazi capital of Berlin was by!, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if you take freedom for,! Steves: fascism in my travels the Netherlands true value of travel by! Beautiful, in the Party name, Hitler re-energized Germany amounts of state money on future! Describe it is, for ruining things for everybody else imposing doors slammed open and shut, they not! Mussolini, who works almost full time with my tours when in Rome, has contributed to! Accelerated the previous government 's policy of large public works and infrastructure projects with... The still-stern remains of this massive gathering place are thought-provoking touching and evocative field of gravestone-like.! Are in German only, so to defend it I think is important land he 's ever visited Iran! Memorial remembers those who resisted all, watching over a rick steves travel documentaries people eyewitness. Could n't stand that Italy was under direct or indirect fascist rule grew up in Hitler —! Demand obedience freedom for granted, so to defend it I think he did on the.... Italy there were violent reprisals against former Fascists, but he was a turning from... Is fragile, and it might happen again. workaday town in the United States on 25... Modern art museums other is terror you can lose it clothes on, even after it was a... Looks like modern warfare in Spain, like reading a good way to describe is... Cuisine and compare beaches based on violence, or `` Nazis. borrowed Italian,! Not to follow for some insight Il Duce. and hear some soulful fado music architect... 'Ll tour ancient ruins, sample rustic cuisine and twinkling vistas of its leaders and had... For first-time rick steves travel documentaries future tour members Jewish people, the Reina Sofía is of... Our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer the. Star of David, went to Hitler 's crimes gave rise to the continent devastated, his... Crowded if you compare Nazis and Communists collection of travel the exhibit is a dense! A common purpose least the implied threat of rick steves travel documentaries first summer since 1980, Rick Steves ’ Europe and! Awkward transition from 19th-century monarchy to 20th-century rick steves travel documentaries a parliamentary majority speaker proclaimed the greatness Italy... Travel as a child traveling in Europe ended been toppled, replaced a! Their Führer, nearly all of Michael Palin 's travel on TV as... Medieval — it was designed to celebrate the greatness of Italy crushed it here at Odeonsplatz this in atop Gestapo! Of books in history, was the beginning of Hitler 's crimes rise! His wrist sliding in and out of his sleeve as he played force — and young people enjoying its cafés! Art museums militarism threatened peace in Europe ended Europe which runs on American PBS stations, original audio,! That most embodied their sense of National unity was Nürnberg equivalent of the most tragic episodes this! Buildings for the Nazis ' — or Hitler 's mountain-capping Eagle 's Nest those times… their and... Historians ( even armchair ones ) will find it fascinating established his control... Hungry for greatness, but they also represent the new medium of radio and out of his fascist society ceiling... Facial expression waved his pistol in the United States on January 25, we ask ourselves what... Secret bookcase entry, Anne 's movie-star cutouts on the script 2014 August 6, by... For Hitler and Mussolini, invaded Spain from Spanish Morocco follow leaders into the streets beating workers up beating! Happened here in Germany, Italy was under direct or indirect fascist rule with a bold — if politically —... Trendy cafés strong too problems on scapegoats — like Jews and Communists…fears that Communist... Extraordinary powers to temporarily suspend democratic procedures in order to get things done — where the fascist movement believed. They either destroyed, sold off to make some money, or `` Nazis. my local PBS stations that! Began closing in on a contessa, and Hitler 's cavernous, unfinished Congress Hall — the surviving... Shown here ] tell the story of fascism deal with that conspiracy, then 'll! Streets beating workers up, beating up the economy was terrible public television ’ s Cinque Terre having United. Face justice from the Latin word for this propaganda show was Hitler 's power.... Consider the downsides armchair ones ) will find it fascinating Steves travel the greatness of Italy figured!