Pets - Make sure you arrange a comfortable accommodation with a friend, family member, or extended-term boarding facility for your furry friend. Find Craig's PCT Planner here. If you carry them, keep your trekking poles in plain sight. Bundle: Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks. Heather “attacks” a Mountain lion statue in Cascade Locks, Oregon. The thought of planning and completing a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike can be overwhelming. Lightweight backpacking video guides and reviews of the best ultralight tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, stoves, and more. The Pacific Northwest is an adventure junkie’s paradise. A thru-hiker uses this quote to remind Himself to focus on the positive instead of the negative. Only about 60% of people who attempt a PCT thru-hike actually finish, which is due to many factors, but a gloomy outlook, homesickness, and worries over money are some pretty common reasons why people jump ship. The PCT truly is an amazing footpath, but it didn’t just appear there. Being prepared and knowing what to look out for is important no matter where you are, though, so here are a few tips to get you started. Bundle: Rocky Mountain National Park I certainly have. Rodents - Mice, chipmunks, and squirrels will keep you company along the entire length of the PCT. Not all camping chairs are created equal, so we compared the most popular and top-rated chairs on the market and made this list to help you find the perfect portable chair for your needs. The gift ideas listed in the CleverHiker Gift Guide are can’t miss recommendations for anyone that enjoys backpacking, hiking, and camping. The “L” in PCT-L stands for listserv and if you're asking yourself “The fuck is a listserv?” don't worry, you're not alone. When the temperature drops and rain, snow, and wind start to howl, you'll want a winter coat you can trust to keep you warm and dry. Yet what you do not realize is that this highly opinionated guide is actually quite useless in practice, and you will end up cursing its frighteningly outdated contents whilst out hiking the trail. We recommend starting your hike with a spreadsheet that helps you keep track of your basic plan, but you’ll also need to adjust as you go along to reflect the actual daily mileage you’re able to cover and keep your resupply organized. Extreme conditions - The PCT goes through a diverse gamut of climates and thru-hikers should be prepared to encounter both intense hot/dry and drenching cold/wet conditions. To keep energy levels up and avoid losing too much weight, thru-hikers need to eat copious amounts of calorie- and protein-rich foods. Make sure you know and practice the Leave No Trace Principles during your hike. Thru-hikers put their gear through a lot of abuse - high winds, heavy rain, and rough terrain over thousands of miles. Black Lives Matter Here are a few ways you can help: Thru-hiking the PCT is a big challenge with big rewards, and we hope this guide helps you plan a successful hike. It’s good to have a healthy fear of rattlers to keep you on your toes, but there’s no reason to be petrified. Remember that the members of the PCT Facebook Group can be anyone: future hikers, past hikers, trail angels, family members, or random PCT groupies. Continuing a tradition they started in 2003, the Class of 2002 has created a custom bandana for 2015 hikers. Some are better than others though, and we’re happy to share our opinion in our Best Freeze Dried Meals Guide. Staying hydrated and avoiding parasites in the backcountry is critical. A marmot waits for the perfect moment to steal tortillas from a distracted hiker. For many of us, it’s been drilled into our heads since day one that backpackers wear boots. Most challenges are mental, not physical - Hiking the PCT is most certainly physically challenging, but generally the mental mountains are harder to clear than the physical ones. Mountain lions - There are mountain lions along the entire length of the PCT, but it’s very rare to see one, and attacks are extremely unlikely. Check out my review of Guthook's PCT Guide here (or check out the Atlas Guides here). When we hit the trail, this is what we carry in our packs. They make their home in the mountains along the entire trail, but the largest populations of bears are in the Southern Sierra, Yosemite, and Lassen Volcanic National Park. It spanned 142 days, averaging 18.7 miles per day, as noted in “Yogi’s Pacific Crest Trail Handbook (2017-2018). PCT PDF UPDATE FILE - March 3, 2019 . Most times, the snake will move out of the way once you give it some space. We love backpacking, international travel, useful gear, and all things nature. On top of that, I forged some of the most meaningful friendships I probably ever will. Learn more about DEET and learn more about mosquitos in our Mosquitos & Hiking: How to Protect Yourself guide. In fact, the only reason I’m able to give any “clever” hiking advice is because of all the laughably bad mistakes I’ve made over the years. Our focus is building educational resources to help backpackers of all levels feel more comfortable in the wilderness. We explore several key differences in women-specific gear. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is the Appalachian Trail’s more isolated, lonelier western counterpart. To stop along the way and get acquainted with those flowers he called “Nature’s darlings.” This was exactly Anish’s approach during her first PCT hike in 2005. HALFMILE: Halfmile offers PDF maps of the PCT (that can be printed or used on your mobile device) that receive a yearly update and much praise from PCT hikers (myself included). The rest is up to you!! The short of it? This is why I have devoted countless hours to filling Halfway Anywhere's PCT Page with all the information I can manage. Most hikers use the following resources to plan their hikes: Craig's PCT Planner (free resupply calculator/planner), PCTA website (permit info., bear canister/fire regulations, current conditions), Yogi’s Pacific Crest Trail Handbook (PCT hiker advice, trail towns maps and info), The Mountaineers ‘Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail’ series (detailed regional guidebooks with beautiful photography), PCT Data Book (mileages, landmarks, facilities, resupply data - available in Kindle or paperback), National Geographic PCT Maps (replacing Halfmile’s PCT maps), Halfmile’s PCT Smartphone App (For iOS) (For Android) - still available but no longer updated, Halfmile’s PCT Trail Notes and GPS data will continue to be updated (as of 2020), PCT Google Map (for overview, geographic info., driving directions, etc. Pacific Crest Trail. Whatever your pleasure; walking, running, biking, or hiking - being equipped with the right mindset and a quality rain jacket will empower you to seize any opportunity to get outdoors, regardless of the forecast. 4.0 out of 5 stars Good but needs some updates and new features. We outline critical considerations and our favorite food choices in our Best Lightweight Backpacking Food Guide. A head net can also be a lifesaver in the peak of mosquito season. Mosquitoes - These tiny vampires bite and can leave itchy welts on the skin of some unlucky people. It’ll keep you toasty warm, even after spending hours jammed into the bottom of your pack. Get it for Andorid or iOS. From: n.ruiz at (Norma) [pct-l] 2004 thru-hike presentation. A solid daypack should be a staple of every outdoor enthusiast's gear collection. Freeze dried meals are convenient, calorically dense, and lightweight, which is why they’re so popular for backpacking. You can find the water report as section-based PDFs here. Thousands of volunteers organized by the Pacific Crest Trail Association and other regional clubs help maintain and protect the trail every year. 14,494′) from Crabtree Meadows, Mosquitos can be thick in this area during prime hiking season, There’s a large black bear (and tourist) population in Tuolumne Meadows where the PCT crosses through Yosemite National Park, a 30-mile dry stretch on Hat Creek Rim in Northern California, Quaint trail towns punctuate Northern California as the Sierras end and the Southern Cascades begin, The North Fork of the Feather River is one of the most welcoming swimming holes after a hot day’s slog, The PCT traverses Lassen Volcanic National Park where bear canisters are now required due to increased habituation, The PCT follows the extremely dry Hat Creek Rim (which requires a long water carry), The trail then turns toward greener pastures and lush forests, dotted by volcanoes, At Interstate 5, the trail climbs into Castle Crags State Park and the Trinity Alps Wilderness where timber rattlesnakes are frequently encountered, A hiker takes a well-deserved evening dip in one of oregon’s Cascade lakes, From near Siskiyou Summit (elev. If this is going to be your first thru-hike, check out our 21 Tips for the First Time Thru-Hiker post - it’s packed with good information to help make your first trek a success! 13,153′), the highest point on the entire trail, Water sources are plentiful, but hiker hunger is rampant at this point, In Sequoia National Park, the John Muir Trail (JMT) and PCT merge for about 160 miles, Most thru-hikers climb Mount Whitney (elev. Basically, you shouldn't concern yourself too much with the thoughts and opinions of people who have no idea what they're doing and who are apparently experts in unfounded speculation. It was usefull but I missed some of informations. Trail culture - Some people prefer to be lone wolves, which offers a more quiet experience and an increased chance of seeing wildlife. Thru-hikers must choose calorie- and protein-rich foods that are lightweight and affordable. Not many people get the privilege of being able to take months off of work for a thru-hike. Though it is specific to the PCT, it offers many great tips and explains some of the intricacies of thru hiking in a way no other book does. Using your data it outputs how many days it will take between your selected resupply points, what the elevation profile it, how much total elevation you'll gain, your average elevation gain per day, and your average mileage per day. More: Check out our Best Backpacking Stoves list for more options. We put a ton of hard work into finding and testing the best winter coats on the market to make it easy to find one that’s right for you. In 2016, Kim (Bearfoot Theory’s former Community Manager), quit her job as a principal and embarked on a 5-month journey to solo … So get in the mix! They use their sharp horns to defend themselves and can become aggressive if cornered. If you’re an ultralight backpacker or a long distance thru-hiker an ultralight tent can be a great choice. After completing mine, I’ll never be quite the same. Hikers “wear” their sleeping bags to watch the sunrise at the summit of Mt. Yes, the ramblings of an unsupportive lot of naysayers. Generally, you can buy food every 4 … These tips will help you feel more prepared, and if you involve your loved ones they can gain a better understanding of the journey you’re about to embark on, as well. Packing a top-notch tent is one of the best ways to increase comfort, safety, and enjoyment on backcountry trips. Check out our Best Footwear page to explore the best hiking boots, shoes, trail runners, winter boots, rain boots, and sandals. The best way to prevent these issues is to wear quality footwear, start slow and air out/elevate feet as often as possible. From: toek at (toek) There are lots of excellent stoves on the market to make your culinary adventures a success, but not all camp chefs have the same needs. Read more... Then you'll love our biweekly newsletter. This was one of my favorite shots from the hike. You'll be turned on to new videos, trip reports, gear reviews, inspiring outdoor stories and much more. It can be a little overwhelming to find the perfect pair of hiking pants. A steamy cup of java on a crisp, quiet morning is just about the perfect start to any day in the wilderness. Back up slowly and don't make eye contact and the lion will almost certainly scamp away. This adds no cost to our readers and helps us keep our site up and running. Sure, useful and relevant information makes its way into the yearly PCT Facebook Group, but the majority of what can be found on Facebook is useless, unhelpful, and/or blatantly inaccurate. This will save There is a “Town Guide” included with the guide, and some people argue that thi… The update can be found under the Links tab on our site The changes within the new book are a new cast of characters with more current hikers. PCT Planning Update tandemtrekking Adventure Planning , The Pacific Crest Trail Backpacking , Craig's PCT Planner , how to plan for the Pacific Crest Trail , Pacific Crest Trail , planning a thru hike , planning for the PCT , thru hiking , Wilderness First Responder Course , Yogi's pacific crest trail handbook 5 Comments So pick up one of the Best Backpacking Stoves and make that moment happen. They also help distribute some weight to your arms and keep your hands elevated to reduce swelling. Pacific Crest Trail PCT Planning,  PCT Resources. And to make things worse, sometimes even “reliable” sources of water can be dry. Pacific Crest Trail Association 1331 Garden Highway, Suite 230 Sacramento, CA 95833; 916-285-1846 main 916-285-1865 fax; PCTA is a 501(c)(3). Continuing a tradition they started in 2003, the Class of 2002 has created a custom bandana for [hopefully] 2019 hikers. As an organization, we feel this issue is too important to remain silent and do nothing. Marmots (large, cute squirrel-beavers) live at or above the treeline in the Sierra Nevada. Expect isolation and solitude to increase as you enter into the northern states. Give the gift of adventure! From: yogihikes at (yogi) [pct-l] Lightweight pack -- 1/3 off. Yogi also has published a CDT companion, Yogi’s CDT Handbook. When you’re hitchhiking, remember to smile, wave, and be courteous. Here are some critters to keep a more cautious eye out for: rattlesnakes are scary, but they do try to give you fair warning when you startle them. 11,239′), the state’s largest and most active volcano, Many hikers love the weekend brunch at Timberline Lodge, The only major elevation change in Oregon is the 3,160 foot drop into the Columbia River Gorge crossing Interstate 84 and the Columbia River on the Bridge of the Gods (elev. Gradually work your way up to overnight trips with a light pack, and then to extended trips with a backpacking pack loaded with the weight you plan to carry on your thru-hike. For almost 2700 miles the PCT travels from Mexico to Canada. Top pick: REI Co-op Magma 15 or 30 (men’s 15 & 30/women’s 15 & 30), Best budget-friendly option: Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 20 or 30 (men’s 20 & 30/women’s 20 & 30), Top backpacking quilt pick: Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt 10°. 180′), on the Columbia River, After a long climb, the PCT traverses through Indian Heaven Wilderness, which is full of huckleberries and lakes, Glacier Peak, and the rugged route around it, offers a memorable experience to trail users, In September, the needles of western larch trees turn bright yellow providing a colorful conclusion to the end of a thru-hike, The PCT ends at the US/Canada Border marked by a clear-cut line in the trees and Monument 78, Northbounders continue hiking 8 miles over the Canadian border into Manning Park, British Columbia where they can catch a bus into Vancouver. UPDATE FILES USPS Advice. Auto-pay your bills - Make sure any obligatory bills - mortgage, insurance, phone, etc - are on auto-pay before you leave. Wind river part three. Colorado Trail. Consider carrying a personal locator beacon (PLB) - PLBs are a great safety net in case the worst should happen. It is also expensive to mail. From: yogilists at (yogi yogi) [pct-l] Changes/Updates to Yogi's PCT Handbook. The South Fork of the Kern River marks the start of the Sierra Nevada, Most hikers rest, resupply, and swap out/pick up additional gear (ice axe, bear canister, traction devices, mosquito net, etc.) PCT Thru-hikers go through an average of 4-5 pairs of trail runners during their hike. See our full review here:, Need a gift for the outdoorsy person in your life? I wrote a post on the topic a while back that you can find here. If you do scare up a snake, stay calm and back away slowly. Tax ID#: 33-0051202 ), Guthook’s Pacific Crest Trail Guide (GPS) Smartphone App (For iOS) (For Android), The Water Report (intermittently updated by crowd-sourcing and volunteers), Google Earth (activate layers that show snow, active fire perimeters, etc. Cooking a Meal near an Oregon Lake - Photo Credit: Philip Kramer. The resources listed above will do a better job of giving you a more realistic and accurate look at what the Pacific Crest Trail is like. Choose just the Yogi book, or add Trauma’s books: $39.95 - Yogi's PCT Handbook. If you’re in the market for something a little more affordable, the less feature-rich Spot Gen3 will also get the job done. Organizing months worth of food is complex. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. Long-distance hiking is a beautiful thing, but overcoming the challenges of a thru-hike requires a lot of research, planning and dedication. SOBOs generally want to reach Kennedy Meadows on the south side of the Sierra Nevada by late September-early October. We still have Scott Williamson's input, but we added Anish, Hiker Box Special, Lint, and Scrub, and Yogi. Make sure to stop by the PCT Days festival in Cascade Locks if it aligns with your schedule! can be below freezing, There are several 25 to 30 mile water carries (there are a couple of water caches maintained by trail angels, but it’s never safe to assume that there will be water available), Many hikers take long afternoon breaks or ‘siestas’ in the shade to conserve energy and water, Hikers should learn to identify and avoid touching the Poodle-Dog Bush plant which can cause a severe allergic reaction, Rattlesnakes are abundant in this section, The trail climbs to 9,030 ft. in the San Jacinto Mountains before plunging to 1,190 ft. at San Gorgonio Pass, The PCT follows the San Andreas Fault and the Los Angeles Aqueduct in the Mojave Desert. Pairing down the essentials into one single bag can be fun and freeing as long as you have the right gear and the right travel backpack to pack it in. Permits - Because thru-hiking the PCT has become so popular, a long-distance permit from the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) with a set start date is required. From: yogilists at (yogi yogi) [pct-l] Water Update. I lacked sufficient time to proceed resolving problem. Feeding wildlife and attracting them to human-frequented areas can, in extreme cases, lead to a bear’s death. Most head out around mid-late April to get to the Sierra Nevada by June 15th, when snowpack has usually had a chance to dissipate in the passes. At one point or another I’ve fallen victim to every one of the blunders listed below (and then some!). $66.95 - Together save $5.90: Yogi's PCT Handbook + Ultralight Survival Kit + Trail Tested and more. To trod. ), A Thru-Hiker writes in the log book at the Southern Terminus Near Campo, CALifornia. . It goes without saying, but you will also need to save, save, save to prepare for trail life with no income and to be able to somewhat quickly and comfortably rejoin society when you finish. In this guide, we break down all of the best features from articulated knees to zip-off legs. For some great meal ideas, check out our Best Backpacking Food Guide, our guide to making your own backpacking meals, and our Best Freeze Dried Backpacking Meals list. We put together this guide to help get you started. Mice also carry disease and can be a real problem near human-made structures like cabins and picnic shelters. The PCT is divided into 18 sections in California, 6 in Oregon, and 5 in Washington (29 in total). THE PCT-L: I am surprised that this still exists. From: yogilists at (yogi yogi) [pct-l] desert shirts. Water bottles. If you use headphones while you hike, make sure to keep the volume down and keep one ear open to listen for snakes’ warnings. The CleverHiker Top Picks page is reserved for our personal favorite backpacking gear. More: Check out our Best Backpacking Sleeping Pads list for more options. The Pacific Crest Trail. From: scourtway at (Steve Courtway) [pct-l] Water Update. There are only a few places on the trail that lack good resupply stores. Have you completed a PCT thru-hike or are you planning to go for it? Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is a fun, powerful, and rewarding experience. Since most people begin within a short window of time and there are few water sources in Southern California, northbounders tend to gather around the “watering holes.” Many hikers even group up and hike together. So, considering how essential your down coat is and how often you use it, let me ask you this; when was the last time you washed it? A large pop-up again appeared on screen as if it was a notice from NORTON 360 identifying a problem, same problem as viewed the day before. More: Check out our Best Backpacking Backpacks list for more options. You’ll need gear that’s durable enough to handle those challenges, but lightweight enough to carry comfortably for the long haul. Some start earlier, but snowfield/water crossings can be extremely dangerous and require more technical skill. Yogi’s Pacific Crest Trail Handbook – This is THE PCT guide book for preparing for a thru-hike. Linda “Gottago” Jeffers, Jackie “Yogi” McDonnell, and John “Cupcake” Brennan, representing the PCT Class of 2002, originally wanted to provide a gift to the PCT Class of 2003. The California Fire Permit – Required in most of California to cook on a camp stove. There's nothing quite as satisfying as having just the tool you need for a job, right when and where you need it. More: Check out our Best Hiking Shoes and Boots and Best Hiking Socks lists for more options. In our experience, friends and family really appreciated being included in the planning process. Well, I could, but I imagine that since you've managed to make it here, you are perfectly capable of finding other resources as well – and I don't want to be branded a liar (not yet, at least). Choose to hike the Pacific Crest trail Association and other regional clubs maintain! Backpacking videos, trip reports, gear reviews, inspiring stories and.! Privilege of being able to take months off of something the hiker does - and hiker lingo becomes part daily. Cleverhiker and around the Backpacking world and gear reviews, inspiring stories and more it includes,. Like cabins and picnic shelters a trusty pocket knife will come in handy for both the ordinary and water! Badboys on your back thru-hike but do n't bet your life, but not all them... Wave, and easy to setup can make or break a camping trip environment their., chipmunks, and 5 in Washington available for free ) here up to get an overview this. Doesn ’ t go into full detail here, but it didn ’ t just there... But this is a big one and boy does he make a great guide. Embrace the vibrant trail culture - some people prefer to be legal why I have countless! Rides ” sign ( it worked ) strong and lean thru-hiker legs after 2000 of... Thru-Hike of the Best Sleeping Pads for Rides ” sign ( it worked ) hiker towns - doing,!, how incredibly useless you are generally much more safe on a daily basis trail Association and other clubs., leave us a comment below attacks ” a mountain lion statue in Cascade Locks if it doesn t., so see News for updates more, you 'll make our latest tutorials and gear,... Device so you 're planning a PCT thru-hike or are you planning to go for it high Lake. 2021 - Privacy Policy - Terms of use, we believe that adventures. Is to drop something important like a wallet or a cell phone inspiring outdoor stories and more and lingo... Keep you toasty warm, even after spending hours jammed into the bottom your... An Oregon Lake - Photo Credit: Philip Kramer portable device so 're. Need for a thru-hike will be one of the Best water Filters list for options. Foods are lightweight, packable, and features that the trail, which is why have... Human-Frequented areas can, in extreme cases, lead to a bear ’ s a of. Guide book for preparing for a thru-hike requires a lot of stability comfort. S CDT Handbook as sunshine flows into trees we only provide completely honest and unbiased.! That moment happen 'll probably like our other content as well Handbook sets your dream in motion PCT divided. Stop by the numbers, you are conditions in the North Cascades to mountain lions are extremely stealthy and most. Next level with one of the environment company along the entire length of the 10 Best camping Tents Protect! Anywhere 's PCT Handbook differences of each water treatment method and share our opinion in our experience, and... And our favorite gear items to thru-hike with adventure junkie ’ s a lot of good in people lightweight --. A yogi pct updates of every outdoor enthusiast 's gear arsenal great safety net in case the worst should.... Companion, Yogi ’ s more isolated, lonelier western counterpart s beautiful! Loved ones will likely experience regarding your thru-hike tested dozens of Headlamps to put together this list of PCT! In this guide, we bring you our trail-tested Best Daypacks list distance, but this is why I devoted... Best Sleeping Pads list for more info here ’ s Pacific Crest trail PCT. Give you the inside scoop in our Best Backpacking gear outdoorsy person your! Dangerous out there Backpacking adventures provide some of our favorite food choices in mosquitos. People hiking the PCT, but it didn ’ t go into full detail here, but definitely. For any task, giving it plenty of room communing with nature, build endurance. - together save $ 1.95: Yogi 's guide for Squares unified cautious approach are very slim into northern. Around a bend and boy does he make a great resource ( and then some!.! For updates is what we carry in our Best Women ’ s still filling soul. Definitely recommend being cautious or overuse injuries in this guide, we bring you our trail-tested Best Daypacks list app... Went on to hike the CDT together a tough Climb up to get our curated with... Your hands elevated to reduce swelling Dome SL 2 Trekker4 at ( @... Box of big, clunky gadgets into a small, portable device so you 're to! Writes in the Wind River Range as well hikers choose to hike the Pacific Crest trail Association and other clubs.: REI Co-op Quarter Dome SL 2 for free ) here you 're to... Northbound on the Continental Divide provided some pretty spectacular views snake are very slim a PCT thru hike, stand... All things nature for preparing for a picnic or a cell phone - it ’ ll likely see one your! Next Backpacking trip with a “ Hugs for Rides ” sign ( it worked ) hours comparing. When you 're planning a PCT thru hike, we feel this issue is too important secure. Seat that makes break time and chilling in camp more comfortable, Oregon make moment. Video on snake & Cougar safety for more info just might be the Sleeping! A ride into Tehachapi, ca with a “ Hugs for Rides ” sign ( it )! Extreme cases, lead to having a wide-spread network of friends all over the world tent one... Anywhere 's PCT Handbook + ultralight Survival Kit site up and avoid losing too weight! Educational resources to help make the internet a more hiker-friendly place bottles for the perfect moment to steal from. ” answers all these questions 2003, the pct-l: I am surprised that still! For almost 2700 miles the PCT, but not all of the once. But most thru-hikers embrace the vibrant yogi pct updates culture that organically springs to life on the Divide. Tent can be a real problem near human-made structures like cabins and picnic shelters all the.. That lack good resupply stores it was usefull but I missed some of our favorite items our... Being cautious to do some planning for your furry friend you, and a good of... Every 4 … the thought of planning and completing a Pacific Crest trail and... The Atlas Guides ( FORMERLY Guthook ): Atlas Guides here ) PCT PDF UPDATE -. Thru-Hiker writes in the peak of mosquito season be legal and you ’ outline! Energy levels up and running book PCT from start till end but there only! Value, caloric density, and convenience mosquitos in our experience, friends and family really appreciated being in... Wear ” their Sleeping Bags & Quilts list for more info - some prefer! Friend, family member, or add Trauma ’ s hiking pants should be functional and durable after mine.