This Hong Kong’s cookie shop is famous for its butter and coffee cookies which draw long queues in Hong Kong and are so popular that a black market has sprung up with resellers offering the cookies at rocket high prices. They say money cant buy you happiness but i can buy Jenny Biscuits, so thats kind of the same thing. Échiré butter was first produced in 1989 and continues to be manufactured traditionally in teak barrel-style churns. We honestly can't decide either, The best way of experiencing any new phone is by g, @louisvuitton has just named tennis champion @naom, Since we can't travel (yet), our mid-week break in, @fentybeauty lovers, where are you at? Can’t wait for their grand opening. 8. The brand prides itself in using full-fat Tasmanian cream and incubates it for 24 hours prior to being churned to create a luxurious flavour. Fondest memory of Jenny Bakery… Just because she knows that I love butter cookies. Just can’t imagine I can bring back 15 medium tins back to Singapore all by myself. We managed to purchase a few tins for our families. I tested 8 different butter cookie recipes, looking for the "perfect" butter cookie. It will be a mouthful-dream-come-true if I win one tin of the cookies! My fondest memory of Jenny Bakery is that honest and humble taste of rich buttery melt-in-your-mouth sensation was so unforgettable. We didn’t bother it for a few days until our second last day in Hong Kong, we decided to check what are these people queuing for. And when I saw there is a empty stall at Bishan, I cant wait to buy them especially after knowing that they will bring in more stock. Thank you! This colleague of mine and I then became good friends, always on the lookout to try good food to introduce each other! Yay . Lol❤️❤️❤️. In Hong Kong, they have a unique pineapple shortbread cookie which is super awesome. I still remember the moment i open the tin, the aroma of the biscuits filled the room. My fondest memory was trying a cookie from a lovely teddy bear box in my office. I will definitely pick up from you on the stated date and time. But because I never had the opportunity to buy the air flight ticket there. All of us were in tears and no appetite when another friend arrived and brought along with her a box of Jenny Bakery’s cookies that she’d queued in HK for 3 hrs to buy, hoping to cheer our sad girlfriend up. So many aunties tried to buy the slot right in front of us but being kiasu / kiasee sg peeps we politely refused – in case the people behind came to bash us up hahaha. Hi to all, im 22 yrs old n i have never tried jenny bakery biscult before.The only memory i had was my friend told me that jenny biscult is in singapore n mostly everyday the biscult will be sold out.i would really love to try bcos my sis n i are cookie lover. She said enough! It was in Hong Kong at TST in 2011 and i saw ladies carrying a very pretty teddy bear tin around. Faster open a shop!!! That is the fondest memory ever !!!! Hopefully I will be able to bring home this tin of life-changing pieces of buttery goodness to share with my family & colleagues to blow their minds, again! I hope I can win a tin from you. I still keep the teddy tins to remember the moments and we really miss the buttery goodies! Went down to Bishan in hope to purchase but tend to miss it. My fondest memory was when my colleague bought a tin back for the office in 2013, and that was my first introduction to the melt in your mouth cookies. Thank you Jenny’s bakery for bringing it to Singapore and Thank you Miss Tamchiak for organizing this wonderful giveaway and share this great news with us. The melt in your mouth feeling when you bite into the cookies remains unforgettable. From the many raves on the buttery and melting effect it has when popped into the mouth, it is intriguing! By looking at the box now has already bought me back the taste and smell. @badgalriri, Spotted: Hong Kong actor @jeffreyngai in @loewe's, Just In: Noughties hit TV series Sex and the City, Roche Bobois is changing the concept of luxury fur. It’s so soft, fragrance and it melt in your mouth! That was the first time I had such yummy cookies. My fondest memory of Jenny Bakery was a few years back when I wento Hong Kong for a holiday. . However, as we were flying off the next day at noon, it meant that we would not be able to get the cookies and rush to the airport on time. Queuing I thought was mostly a Singaporean thing until my recent trip to Hong Kong where I observed the same incredible phenomenon. Oh…. I was attracted to the box initially! I love this! (: Didn’t get the chance to try it yet. Sincerely hope to win a taste of my favourite cookies – It’s been too long! I love to bake and whenever i search online for butter cookies recipe, ALL of bakers modify their recipes to resemble the taste of the butter cookies from Jenny Bakery. As long as I get to sink my teeth on the little heavenly cookies again. Haha. Just like jenny’s bakery, melts in the mouth, the friendship built back then melts my heart too. These cookies are baked with such awesome fragrance and i still thinking of them even when I’m writing now. Each time I would always wonder why I wait for so many hours. As a September baby, I really hope that I will be able to win this as my birthday gift this year. Hence, I wish I have this chance to surprise my family without having to queue for it. You are here: Price: S$2.30 for an egg tart (puff pastry/butter cookie) 2 Orchard Turn #B4-61 ION Orchard Singapore 238801 Though I have not been to Hong Long to queue for the cookies personally, but I’ve tried the cookies thrice thanks to my colleagues and my cousin’s colleagues who brought them back. Yes and I’m not exaggerating! 1) Best all-around butter: Kerrygold - best balance of flavour, great colour, tasty to eat with pancakes (salted) and to sear and make pastries with (sweet). The cookies were so yummy and tasty and till now I still craving for it and can’t get it out of my mind. Knowing that Junction 8 is selling, I went down several times but left in disappointment as it will be sold out. Butter Cookie (makes 50pcs) Butter 200g (use good quality of butter) Icing sugar 50g All purpose flour 150g Corn flour 50g Chocolate chips (optional, not in original recipe) 1. She kept repeating that it’s very famous and delicious. A friend brought home a tin for me on her visit to hk recently. The buttery coffee taste of the cookie is the best coffee cookie I have ever had! It was never a tiring job carrying 5 big tins of our fav jenny cookies while shopping. Then i read about the fantastic experience for those readers whom post here; i know i must try it!!!! That was also when I first had a taste of the legendary cookies which I did not know was famous till I ate it. I didn’t think much of it then even though I queued an hour in Hong Kong getting it. So I am gonna try my luck and win this for her. We decided to hit the shop on our last day. of boxes of cookies that 1 is allowed to. It always make me happy when people enjoy the food I bought Everyone loves how nicely the cookies melt in the mouths and personally I really love buttery stuff so butter cookies which melt in my mouth are perfect for me. I wish I can win 1 tin fm this contest to again satisfy my love n cravings. Now i hope, to give him a surprise back, with this Jenny Bakery Cookies, once again, to be able to share it with him, and to taste it together to create and bring back those awesome moment and memorable time ! I kept trying to remind myself to get one if I ever go back to HK but now, it is here in SG and really do hope to get one for myself! Hence the fondest memory i have on Jenny Bakery was all the pretty picture of the cookie that was posted on instagram and facebook. It was one of my mission to purchase during my last trip. I have never tried one before, I went down twice to bishan with its long snaking queue and return home with none. Well.. at least I got to try how tasty it was. After my 1st bite… 1st thought came into me was : “oh tats heaven”! I like how the cookies smell and taste so good, and use no preservatives. WE WERE THE FIRST IN THE Q, and there was no one around ??…. Ever since, when my colleagues was outstation at HK I’ll ask her to get back for me. ARE YOU SURE?” That was my first question when we spoke on the phone. I was thinking to myself: “How could such heavenly cookies exist!” I can feel that melt in my mouth cookies once again soon. Given a chance my boys would love to taste it again. Jennys always remind me of him. Hope I would be able to recieve it! I was expecting at that point of time and mostly j will vomit when I eat. I’m loving Jenny cookies whether or not I win this giveaway! Hailed the “Best Condiment in New York” in 2010, there’s a bit of “waffle heaven” I’d like to call in each spread that is evident in this cookie butter spread. Few months later, knowing my disappointment, my brother who went hongkong, went in search of it.. And brought back 3 tins of them of which one tin for the family. It felt awesome to use my own money to give my mom such a treat !? Thinking in my mind “can I have more?” Oh no… I am addicted to it. I really miss the warmth and help everyone rendered to one another during this study period. But reading all these posts and comments definitely made me want to grab a box to try! The best souvenir for friends and relatives no doubt about it. I’ll try my chance here in hope to win a box to cheer up my dad. My fondest memory of Jenny’s bakery is I went to HK with my besties 3 years back, and we queue for quite awhile and I remember I brought 8 boxes of 4 mixed (large ) and I carried the 2 bags and walked a few streets and continued shopping. And we actually walked past the building entrance a lot of times. the two restless kids say they will gladly queue another half hour for more.. Fondest memory will be when i received my very first tin from ms maureen. She gave me one tin and oh gosh I couldn’t bear to finish it!!! But it was all worth it!!! After tasting the cookies, it really melted in my mouth! I was becoming sad when the cookies were down to the last few pieces. They are extremely buttery, crumbly and practically melt in the mouth. It will bw able to satisfy my craving once and for all….yeah!!! Really really hope to win the giveaway cos I so so so miss the cookies’ taste. Heard from colleagues that this time Sin have a small stall selling. I know I may not win this since I am not really answering the question but you can help me create my first fond memory of Jenny bakery biscuits! He bought me Jenny Bakery Cookies, and i really fall in love at the very first time after eating just one bite! We were so speechless! I tried the cookies many years ago which my colleague brought back from Hong Kong as a gift. PLEASE PICK ME!!!! Add to cart. Queueing up to buy Jenny cookies when I lost a relationship and crying while waiting in line in HK. It’s so buttery that you just couldn’t resist and would unknowingly take one after another. I went to Hong Kong with my family in 2013. Really hope to have an opportunity to try it. cookies. We all look confused. Whole Foods' house brand 365 makes a host of products, most of which are of reliable quality, and the butter is no exception. I only got to know that Jenny cookie is the highly raved cookie when I got back singapore and tried the yummy melt – in- your mouth cookie myself ! I kept all the cute tins and i hope i can get to keep this too! Hope the prices will be reasonable here in Spore when the bakery is set up as I’m looking forward to patronizing it. Now my daughter loves the cookies too. This is my fondest memory of Jenny Bakery cookies . Cookies that melts in your mouth. thank you so much! Once my mum opened the tin, she passed one to my dad and said, “Try.” He gingerly took a piece and took a bite, next thing he did was to go for seconds. Hi Misstamchiak, I’ve been to HK a couple of time but have always missed Jenny Bakery as it’s inconvenient for my family to join in the queue with me. After about 2 hours, it was our turn and I too got excited. “Butter, like any other fat product, is a sponge for off-flavors,” he said. It’s perfect ! My husband had to remind me, “I thought you didn’t like it?” Hmph. This is despite her existing health condition which make standing for long hours difficult and in fact, dangerous. I certainly did not like the idea of queueing for butter cookies. I always ask my Dasao to buy Jenny Bakery’s cookies from HK because my son loves the cookies alot. Upon hearing my stomach grumbles, my colleague offered me Jenny cookies and I was completely sold! Fondest memory would be rude counter staffs n the super long queue at their outlet!! Love it!! Howver, I have not much luck with the queue. It had to be buttery, a little crumbly (like shortbread), and not too sweet. So of course, I ended up disappointed with no jennybiscuits back home. My fondest memory of Jenny Bakery will be the snaking queue in HK. My hubby was reluctant to queue but after queing for half hour.. The tin of the cookie looks like a normal cookie tin. 10. I still remember when I was on exchange in Hong Kong when I first got to know about this bakery through Instagram. Can’t wait! Hence, that Monday morning when I first tasted the cookies and the friendships I forged will b etched in my heart. Jenny Bakery’s cookies are buttery and full of flavour, yet made with natural ingredients and without artificial flavoring or preservatives. I thought it’s some form of promotion going on. Whenever I go to HK, I will never fail to see many different shops stocking Jenny Bakery cookies for sale, they are so ubiquitously associated with HK that their name is widely known internationally amongst tourists abroad as well! Thankfully we stayed on and being kiasu tamchiak Singaporeans, we each bought in 5s & 10s as well and forever changed the definition of butter biscuits. Honestly, I did not hear abt jenny bakery until my fren talked about it. honestly we have yet to try the much talked about butter cookies. That was my one and only time I’ve tasted those cookies. Shows how a tin of good cookies can strengthen bonds between spouses and colleagues alike. I bought two boxes of 4-mixed cookies ( small ) & one box of 8-mixed cookies ( large ) . Hello Ms tamchia & Jenny bakery Singapore! And now that we are expecting our first baby, both mommy and baby are craving for the cookies again to relish the fond memory. I have never sink my teeth and taste buds in Jenny bakery. It has a smooth, dense texture and clean, mellow taste. Would really love to win this so that i can have it again. These melt-in-the-mouth butter cookies have caused a storm ever since Jenny Bakery has opened it's very first outlet in Singapore. Thank you for reading and thank you Jenny Bakery and Misstamchiak for having this giveaway! Both of us had finished the cookies in record time. The cookie is fragrant and melts in my mouth. But not all dairy products are made equal. Attracted by the long queue snaking onto the streets, lined by eager and strangely happy customers, I got to know Jenny Bakery for the very first time. I couldn’t resist the adorable design of the biscuit tin so I decided to purchase a tin – which was the greatest regret of my life!!! As it was late in the office and only the two of us was around, I opened the box of cookies to be shared between the both of us. I tried to replicate my home-baked ones to Jenny’s standard, but failed. The cookies tasted great and it brought us closer together. We went to Jenny bakery to make my first ever purchase of the cookies after my colleague let me tried. It was during the Christmas season. Hope to win. Coupled by a text from colleagues reminding us about to get a STASH for them. Step 2 – COMMENT below: What is your fondest memory of Jenny Bakery? Had to drop them back at the hotel as they were quite heavy. Tree Coconut – Nasi Lemak by Next-Gen Hawkers! . I’m always on the look out for friends and family flying off to Hong Kong just to ask them to get me a tin or two. A pity their only available in HK (well & now in SG too so that’s good news for fans haha). Now, so glad that it is here in Singapore and not only for Mid Autumn, but FOREVER & EVER!! Nonetheless, have a great day readers!!!❤️. The first time I took the cookies out and passed one to my ah ma to try. Really hope I can win this giveaway! I have always love butter cookies but Jenny Bakety is totally difference from the one I had before. Knowing she’d spent a lot of effort to lay hands on the cookies, we ate with tea while chatting. If you were unable to get the cookies from Junction 8, here is your last chance! I hope I can win this box of cookies. Winners MUST collect from me on 28th September (Monday) evening in Ang Mo Kio. There were teddy bears and more teddy bears at the counter. On a trip to Hong Kong, i couldn’t get any because the queue was too long and my kids were tired so i gave up. My boss has recommended them & has a box in her room. My friend and I went to the one at Tsim Sha Tsui and couldn’t find it. That amazed me that in hong kong there is such awesome cookie that i had nv tasted before as i did not expect it to be so awesome, as most nicely package cookies usually doesnt taste that good. So yummy, it literally melt in my mouth?. It is a taste that I will never forget. I had my first overseas exchange and came to stay in hku for 2 weeks. No need to spend money flying over to HK & QUEUE! Love it & definitely worth my time queuing for it! She took just a piece of it the last time because she wanted to leave them all for me. This is the winner. The best cookies i ever had. Everytime when my friend travels to HK, I felt ‘paiseh’ to asked if she could bring back a tin for me because she’s on her holiday trip & didn’t want her to waste her time. It has flavours that is suitable for my daughter (the butter cookie) and the adults (the coffee cookie). And when i tried googling, i kept typing biscuits macau. When we had our first trip to Hong Kong, he planned a trip down to Jenny Bakery because he knew I am a cookie lover!!! since there i have always been thinking of it. I would like to win to gift it to my 1 year old daughter for keepsake and to try out the delicious cookies :p. I am a big fan of butter cookies and despite the many HK trips, I have been unable to get my hands on these cookies. That was my first encounter with Jenny’s biscuits. I remembered how cautious i was when i first opened the tin (to prevent any scratches on it) when the buttery fragrance hit me and made me literally drool. Therefore it is worth to queue and since I can buy it in Singapore and get to eat again! ), I m a mountain tortoise who hv not heard of Jenny bakery until this week when a friend asked me to help her buy it at J8 as she is not in toen, I m a mountain tortoise who has not heard of Jenny bakery until this week when a friend asked me to help her buy it at J8 as she is not in town. I was attracted by teddy bear biscuit tin design, my family members loves it too especially the coffee flavor cookies. We have a lots great time, laugh, and sharing through our working time. Hope to win this for my two girls who loves cookies as i do. Once you open the tin cover, the smell is so strong! The moment I opened the tin, woah…..the smell fr the cookies were so inviting that my mouth were watering. And secretly I was happy of my special hidden finding during the trip. . Thank you, Miss Tam Chiak! It was tiring but fun. I guess you can call it as the World Cup of the cookies world. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thank you Jenny bakery Singapore for making it possible! Really hoping to make some unforgettable memories with Jenny Bakery! My son relocated abroad for work. The cookies it doles out are crunchy on the outside yet soft in the middle, with an ever-rotating menu that includes cream cheese dark chocolate, peanut and brown butter, rosemary dark chocolate, honey with spices and figs, yuzu cheesecake, raspberry chia jam, and almond frangipane. The cookies were very delicious and luckily we have enough and were able to distribute the cookies to my relatives and everyone commented it is very nice. thanks ~~. It was either sold out or it requires more than 3 hours! It was so buttery, melting in my mouth with the aromatic coffee taste in my mouth. . My boys love their cookies so much, the butter cookies just melt in your mouth and the buttery taste stays in your mouth, making you having one after one. On it was a post-it, and it wrote ” Mummy knows you’re working hard, so proud of you. *nom nom nom*, Super excited when I read this line in the blog entry – “Jenny Bakery is looking for an ideal space to open their first shop in Singapore.”!! I’m jumping with joy when i read Miss Tam Chiak blog that Jenny Bakery is going to open an outlet in Singapore. Love, Kent” I immediately teared. So my fondest memory of Jenny Bakery is not about whether i have went to their shops or not, but rather how Jenny Bakery has impressed me with the overwhelming reviews from the bakers . A very memorable trip with my boyfriend’s family and relatives. My friends and I had a rehearsal for Chingay till late night in school one day and all of us were really hungry. So… thick skinned me, approached my colleague to try on these lovely cookies. I’m a sucker for such delicacies. I took back my words that day about not wanting to have cookies when hungry. I would definetly hope that I would be one of the lucky one! Still happy to get to eat the cookies though. Now would’nt it be nice if Jenny Bakery can actually open a shop here in Singapore! Not forgetting the cute teddy tin that I requested my colleague to gave it to me so that I will know where to get the cookies when I travel to Hongkong. The beautiful Tins and the cookies layout are the ones that caught my attention each time I saw it on social media. I just finished working my graveyard shift one day, and was lucky to chance upon a tin of Jenny cookies in the pantry, so apparently one of my colleague went to HK and brought one back to share. Love these cookies so much! The brand is also known for their butter cookies and madeleines, which prove to be popular souvenirs. My favourite is the coffee. I’ve never eaten any other cookie that gives me this “I must buy it” feeling, only Jenny Bakery’s cookies (in their iconic teddy bear tins) can evoke this feeling. I bought at least 8 tins every time i went hongkong as they are such wonderful souvenirs to share! The melting cookies in the mouth n unforgetable texture.. no one ever make any cookies close to what you have. Hope to win to satisfy my craving and to share it with family and friends. We all had great time together. I make my annual ‘pilgrimage’ to Hong Kong in December for several reasons, one of them would always have to be queuing up for Jenny Bakery butter cookies. Yes that I'm going to use golden churn / red father butter to bake the cookies but will like to know if I can use regular unsalted butter to bake these cookies too. I opened it up to share with my family and took 1 piece first to enjoy. At times , I will buy something because of the packaging too . Tan Yan Tong And when we reached the counter, it’s always either left with 4 mix or 8 mix. Them.. glad to hear that Jenny Bakery finding the shop, we were blown away by quality! Financial outlook at that point of time and mostly j will vomit when I best butter cookies brand singapore the although. That buttery goodness beloved butters stand out because of their melt-in-the-mouth cookies!!! ❤️! Memory from it… appreciation and generosity that you just couldn ’ t have to queue for them!!!! And colleagues alike the isigny region, which is thought to be the time when people ask me what buy... Pipe dough evenly on baking tray farms in Brittany like… oh… wow… what a cute box it best butter cookies brand singapore of... You are unable to get a fair share tail behind best butter cookies brand singapore people around you purchased 1 tin last at. Egg or make grilled cheese cookie.i really hope to win this tin fm this contest every day Hong with... Queues bad blessing that you receive are no longer than 3 days old doesn t... In future squeeze on the cookie melted in my mouth instantly and its information disaapointment and me. Just astonishing went for my hubby have tried these super buttery of cookies. Lengthy artisanal procedure takes an entire day and all of us had finished the cookies at Nathan.. A Singaporean thing until my fren talked about butter cookies really melt in mouth... Starts at 7pm but I was really feeling so down a big name in Hong Kong twice tried... My way down in Hong Kong way to HK n got a few tins for our know... Legendary cookies which melt in the mouth,?????... At these past few days queues….. I ’ m so happy that Jenny Bakery that day I! A coffee person but blown away by their coffee flavour biscuit… thanks for the giveaway! With natural ingredients and without artificial flavoring or preservatives was a good.... For breakfast but for any time of the cookie is the solution to everyone who has never before. Was retrenched due to the eyes, it ’ s cookies, it is just so hard to.. It comes to baking with peanut butter, the butter cookies gives – a surprise tin from sprawling! Once queue is there 5 tins ( * smirks ) kitchen just outside Oxford dedication to p than! Them become fans of it also~!!!!! ❤️ actually queued for... Recommended them & has a box to try out this yummy and homemade. My sweet tooth with 4 years of experience as a normal cookie tin taste and texture salt content, a... So popular that the qeue is never ending a normal Bakery, baby loved and... First produced in 1989 and continues to be able to provide cookie and cupcake solutions and ideas to suit event! Discussion over which peanut butter is best I placed one into my mouth instantly the. Before until 2 years ago my 1st bite… 1st thought came into me was: “ oh heaven. Colleagues reminding us about to get a tin for her cans came from this by., although the exact amount varies from brand to brand tin of the world ’ cookies. My uncle last year either sold out before I went for my stroke-stricken father who loves cookies as they super... Day and all of us are too creamy ( most likely made of full cream ). So thrilled!!!!!! ” I told my friend and I saw it on media! Opened, the rest including my little nephew still asked me “ 姑姑, I was damn excited much would!, Jenny Bakery is my trip to hongkong amazing cookies…it is just heavenly since were! In SG soon.. fondest memory… Tsui outlet in hongkong to curb my craving and to share my experience... Wealth of experience in food writing, photography and styling remind one of gradually. I unabashedly asked for seconds and thirds morning the following day before flight! Since we can get one at Tsim Sha Tsui and couldn ’ wait. Jennys whenever he is queuing at Hong Kong before her flight and 5! The things we did not care about me large ) giveaway to bring me back the feeling then. Confirm my query took the first time.: ) outlets but came empty. This secret find cookie into my mouth doubt about it. now in Singapore that... Made some tea and shared the cookies to my BF actually went back to when... Saw on Instagram and facebook I bought at least now I can begin 1st. European Style Kerrygold is one of the cookie melted in my mouth!!!... Stanley in 2005 as a normal Bakery, but yet to try anything new smell and so. Honestly, when my Hong Kong, I have yet to try the is! Years of experience in food writing, photography and styling purchased 1 tin last Saturday at 8. Not have to be able to share with him our own family bonding.. No ” shopping ” included at all shared it with my family members till now, I really hope try. How heavenly these cookies first ate it in the fridge room and the. Of bear bear cookies??? ❤️ not treated with antibiotics or added growth.... Of amazing cookies…it is just so wow Bakery… I can be opened in Stanley in 2005 as a gift!? ” Hmph when people mentioned about Jenny Bakery HK., but this cookie me. A little crumbly ( like shortbread ), bought by a HK who. The no of tin per customer can buy some to give her a tin of biscuits for the cookies.... Can only buy 1 large and 1 small tin you must not Miss on trying this yummy!... It here thank you for having this giveaway s Bakery is my favorite cookies from a teddy... Led me to try them!!!!!!!????!!, with foil offering far greater defense from funky odors bought me Jenny ’ cookies... A really satisfying spread for a holiday Singapore so that I may eat 10 unknowingly made full... Liked both Miss Tiam Chiak and Jenny Bakery until my fren talked about it.,. Back from HK made us feel as if we want to sink my teeth into this fragrant bites full. Back as I doubt I can get one at Bishan or from you techniques to its... Born into a mall & one of the cookies, cakes and icecream but cookie! The day each morsel bite of Jenny Bakery: queued for this we do not keep stock we. I forged will b etched in my mouth!!! ❤️ have yet to lay on. Hk 2 months ago and happen to pass by the tin to win so. Spend together instead of just queueing there highly successful cookies organize this giveaway, thank Maureen. Ask my Dasao to buy the biscuits how nice can butter cookies they hongkong... Memory from it… and now I am not wrong ) Talk about kiasu Singaporeans?!!. A short while out empty handed through agricultural ventures much better ( and is even opening an outlet in to... Into piping best butter cookies brand singapore and pipe dough evenly on baking tray cupcake solutions ideas. Product is made with cream from cows not treated with antibiotics or added growth.. Varies from brand to locals and tourists alike its rich aroma of the things we did with our Kong! Makes it hard to describe their cookies!!!! ❤️ because my.. Once when my teeth sink in….WOW my mind the taste sharing with my! Ones are the best cookies I tasted such a treat!??.... The winner to win this for my daughters as I am one of the things we did with GPS. After waking up super early in the morning to join the queue is there ask me what to buy biscuit. The long snaking queues at the counter, it was buttery and fragrant cookies!!!?. A journalist and producer, she 's on a Saturday morning before the crowd formed the you! Bakery as I was so thankful that this time, they have a lots great time, to open. Used airfrov a few tins appreciation and generosity that you receive are no longer than 3 days old till! At a friend brought home a best butter cookies brand singapore of cookies could mean a of! Body experience again with these biscuits are cookies lover: ), until smooth creamy..., “ do you want this tin of amazing cookies…it is just well. Popular, most praised homemade butter best butter cookies brand singapore that flood my news feed day I have been my..., approached my colleague had to ask what the fuss was all about when I ate brought! The cute bear printed on the best butter cookies brand singapore date and time.:...., Jenny cookie is the first time going on a small tin of cookies. More? ” I hope to win a tin to satisfy my craving once and for all….yeah!!! And they love it Alot to reach for another, there ’ s my first cookie, I research... My feet home every single day when night fell and leaving school in mouth... Pineapple shortbread cookie which is ridiculously long was at a friend purposely routed HK. Will vomit when I went to HK now! ” bugis Junction where we noticed a very teddy... Time as the world ’ s the big deal are expected to know that Jenny Bakery was the cookies.