Special projects on an arranged basis for advanced students in any area of art in which the catalog sequence of courses has been completed. 3 Hours. 3 Hours. Prerequisite: ARTS 3103. We know you can't always get to campus when you would like. (Indiana University at Bloomington), B.F.A. Visit . ARTS 4223. The creation and presentation of a portfolio of work in the student's area of concentration, accompanied by creation of relevant materials for successful professional practice. Prerequisite: ARHS 2923. Study of critical theory as it relates to problems in modern and contemporary art. This concept-driven intermediate-level course focuses on expanding the students' skills and knowledge of wheel-thrown and hand-built forms. ARHS 4923H. (Typically offered: Irregular). Specific problems utilizing various media are preceded by readings, lectures, and demonstrations. Study of Early Christian, Byzantine, Early Medieval, Romanesque, and Gothic styles. 3 Hours. The foundation has made a $120 million gift, which is the largest ever given to a U.S. university to support or establish a school of art. (Typically offered: Irregular). 3 Hours. (Typically offered: Irregular). Investigation of the abstraction of visual phenomena. 1-3 Hour. An introduction to experimental video art, providing a theoretical and practical foundation for creating video for installation, performance or screen, set within a context of historical and contemporary video art and experimental film. We encounter famous masterpieces, but also the material remains of everyday Romans in civic and domestic spaces. 2021 Best Colleges for Art in Arkansas About this List The Best Colleges for Art majors ranking is based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Successful completion of a criminal background check required before student can begin student teaching. (Typically offered: Irregular) The University of Arkansas Graduate School offers 130 graduate degree programs for master’s degree and doctoral degree seeking students. (Typically offered: Fall) The mission of the School of Art in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences is A survey of the history and function of the art museum and an introduction to museum work. Covers community-based art theories, classroom learning theories, and instructional strategies. Social Sciences University/state minimum core requirement, Humanities University/state minimum core requirement. The School of Art also offers a minor in art history. May not be presented toward satisfaction of the B.A. An interdisciplinary art and design education offers experience working with a range of media and ideas, a skill that is vital for the 21st-century. (Typically offered: Spring), Advanced study of the figure with emphasis on figure structure and its relationship to pictorial form in drawing. Students must also meet the following criteria to be cleared for the internship: Students should always consult the Coordinator of Teacher Education for any licensure requirement changes. Meets 40-hour advanced credit hour requirement. History of Graphic Design. Prerequisite: ARHS 2923. Advanced Projects in Photography. Honors Colloquium. Internships in Art. Honors Special Topics in Art Education. ARHS 4613. (Typically offered: Irregular). ARED 3653H. The ceremony kicked off the construction on the building, expanding the footprint of the planned Windgate Art and Design District in the heart of south Fayetteville. University of Arkansas School of Art. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring) May be repeated for up to 9 hours of degree credit. Covers a special topic or issue. ARTS 4833. Prerequisite: ARTS 1323; or ARTS 1919C and ARTS 1929C. Three hours a week plus attendance at specified programs and exhibits. Only offered during intersession. Greek Art and Archaeology focuses on how visual and material culture shaped and were shaped by Greek society (religion, politics, military, economy, gender, etc.) (Typically offered: Irregular) state forward while also providing unparalleled access and opportunity to students. ARHS 4623H. 3 Hours. Beginning in the 19th century, the course explores the development of photography, film, video, performance, sound and digital art through the 20th century. The School of Art, the School of Journalism and Strategic Media, and the School of Social Work are all a part of Fulbright College. Honors Case Studies in Art History. Students explore a broad spectrum of media, methods and conceptual approaches, in order to develop their own unique strengths and find their personal creative direction. Prerequisite: ARHS 2923. State minimum core requirement hours may vary by individual, based on placement and previous credit granted. Outstanding achievement is recognized by awarding the distinction “Art Scholar Cum Laude.” Students may apply for honors studies beginning in the second semester of their sophomore year and normally will not be accepted into the program after completion of the second semester of their junior year. (Typically offered: Irregular). 3 Hours. The school also works closely with other local arts organizations and maintains an active presence in the communities of Northwest Arkansas. The planned University of Arkansas School of Art is a boon to the entire university, not just aspiring artists and art historians, Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz said, following his “State of… to offer the highest quality educational, research, and service programs in the visual School of Art Fine Arts Building, Room 116 University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR 72701. Investigation of collections and collections management, conservation, exhibitions, education and public programs, museum management, and contemporary issues which effect the museum profession. 3 Hours. A heavy influence is placed on experimentation as the course explores the hybridization of analog chemical processes with digital technology and contemporary content. ARHS 4773H. (Typically offered: Irregular). Credit for practical experience gained through internships in studio art, gallery practices and/or art education. Printmaking, and Sculpture. A variety of approaches and starting points will be explored, including abstract/non-representational drawing, conceptual drawing, process-based drawing, and interpretive representational drawing. The University of Arkansas School of Art hosted a groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday, Oct. 13, for its new Windgate Studio and Design Center building at the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Hill Avenue. Prerequisite: ARHS 2923. In addition, a student must spend a minimum of 2 semesters in residence. ARHS 3923H. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring). Students completing the Bachelor of Fine Arts may substitute ARHS 2913 or ARHS 2923 to satisfy the content covered in the Fine Arts University/State Core Requirement. Prerequisite: ARHS 2913. Prerequisite: ARED 1003. Prerequisite: ARTS 3003. (Yale University), Assistant Professor, 2014.Doyle, Allen P., Ph.D. (Princeton University), Visiting Assistant Professor, 2019.Drolen, Rebecca, M.F.A., B.A. (Typically offered: Spring). Prerequisite: ARTS 3503. Special studies of periods and styles of art. MUST BE ACCEPTED INTO B.F.A. (Typically offered: Irregular) Students must have a 3.0 grade point average and submit an application and a portfolio for review. Transfer students should confer with the departmental advisers prior to entrance for information concerning entrance requirements and transfer credits. ARTS 4823. These goals encompass our professional and liberal arts programs, at both graduate 1-3 Hour. Prerequisite: ARTS 3903 or permission of the instructor. Prerequisite: ARHS 2923. (Typically offered: Irregular). Special problems in art history. Students selecting to follow the eight-semester degree plan should see the Eight-Semester Degree Policy in the Academic Regulations chapter for University requirements of the program as well as the Fulbright College requirements. Large Format Photography introduces students to the 4x5 view camera and the technical processes of larger film formats. (Typically offered: Irregular). 3 Hours. ARTS 423V. Special Topics in Contemporary Art. (Typically offered: Fall and Summer). Extended, individually determined projects will emphasize production of a well researched, conceptually grounded and cohesive body of work. An experimental lab focused on critical issues in contemporary sculpture. Alternative Photographic Methods. Individual Research in Art History. Examines art and the architectural history of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome from antiquity to present. Culminates with an examination of contemporary practice. Find out at US News. STUDENTS MUST BE ACCEPTED INTO THE B.F.A. Landscape Painting. Surveys African American art from the seventeenth century to the present. Topics include indigenous materials and techniques, the use of images in legal contexts, and ritual liturgy. (Rutgers University), B.A. 3 Hours. It begins with a discussion of the transatlantic slave trade and it examines art produced in what Pratt terms the "contact zones." ), Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A. Internship in Art Education. (Typically offered: Fall) J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences The Fulbright College is the largest and most diverse academic unit on campus with 19 departments and more than 30 academic programs and research centers. Report required from intern and field supervisor on significant accomplishments and/or progress. (Typically offered: Irregular). At least 15 hours in Art History including: 3 additional hours in any upper-level ARHS, Elective outside School of Art based on faculty approval. School of Art Fine Arts Building, Room 116 University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR 72701. (University of Nebraska), Visiting Assistant Professor, 2019. A report is required from the intern and field supervisor on significant accomplishments and/or progress. That’s why our undergraduate programs begin in Creative Core before students concentrate in one or a combination of our areas of study. ARED 3643H. 3 Hours. (Typically offered: Irregular). (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer). An introduction to experimental sound art, providing a theoretical and practical foundation for creating sound for installation, performance or composition, set within a context of historical and contemporary sound art and electroacoustic composing. Research and preparation for exhibitions, organize and install exhibits, care of art works, create and distribute publicity, arrange interviews with newspapers, and other media. Being immersed in the Northwest Arkansas community (Rutgers University), B.F.A. 3 Hours. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring). (University of Denver), B.A. Prerequisite: ARHS 2913. (Typically offered: Irregular). ARHS 4413H. This course is cross-listed with AAST 2003. Service learning course. Prerequisite: ARTS 1313; or ARTS 1919C and ARTS 1929C. 3 Hours. An emphasis on how to communicate through photographs is pursued in assignments, critiques, slide lectures, and demonstrations. (Rhode Island School of Design), Assistant Professor, 2019.Turner, Aaron, M.F.A (Rutgers State University), B.A (University of Memphis), Research Associate, 2016.Wilson-Parrish, Nichelle La Von, M.F.A. Higher degree distinctions take into consideration the student’s entire academic career and are recommended for only those students whose honors projects and programs of study demonstrate a truly exceptional degree of creativity and scholarship. ARTS 4513. Core requirement hours may vary by individual, based on placement and previous credit granted. Art history is designed for persons interested in professional, academic, museum studies, or arts management careers. 3 Hours. Roman Art and Archaeology focuses on how visual and material culture shaped and were shaped by Roman society (religion, politics, economy, gender, ethnicity, etc.) ARED 3643. School of Law Admissions. The University of Arkansas School of Art has not yet found its permanent director, but it has a new interim director – one of its own. Honors American Art to 1860. 3 Hours. 3 Hours. (Princeton University), Distinguished Professor, 1989.Jones, Joanne R., M.F.A., B.F.A. PROGRAM TO CONTINUE, Science state minimum core lecture with corequisite lab requirement, U.S. History state minimum core requirement, ARHS Art History Upper-level Elective or ARHS 4933 Contemporary Art, Social Science state minimum core requirement, Social Science state minimumore requirement, 1013 Elementary II World Language or higher (depending on placement in sequence; otherwise, may take a general elective), Obtain Clearance through the Office of Teacher Education, Students Must Be Accepted into the B.F.A. Features numerous visiting lectures from a working professionals from the local area and nationwide institutions. Ceramics: Slip-Casting. Prerequisite: ARTBFA major. This course is equivalent to ARHS 4833. Credit for advanced studio classes in the school is contingent upon presentation of a portfolio of works created in a college-level class equivalent to the class the student is seeking credit for in the School of Art. Prerequisite: 6 hours of painting. An introduction to fundamental additive and subtractive sculpture techniques and methods of seeing and working that give expression to material form. Prerequisite: 12 hours of Art History and permission of instructor. Advanced individual study of one or more printmaking processes with emphasis on individual technical research, development of personal imagery, and refinement of skills. You can apply to a degree program at the University of Arkansas, even if you cannot make it to the Fayetteville campus every day. (Typically offered: Irregular) May be repeated for up to 9 hours of degree credit. Prerequisite: Senior standing as a Studio Art BA or BFA concentrating in drawing. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Prerequisite: ARTS 3003. 340 N. Campus Drive Gearhart Hall 213 1 University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR 72701 Tel: 1-479-575-4401 Fax: 1-479-575-5908 gradinfo@uark.edu 479-575-2000. Powered by SlideRoom. The School of Art aims to prepare students for graduate study and meaningful employment Prerequisite: ARHS 2913. (Typically offered: Spring and Summer). University of Arkansas at Little Rock ... By melding the classic arts and letters disciplines with science programs, the College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences is the academic centerpiece of the campus. Through a series of photographs before student can begin student teaching to create that... Grade point average and submit an application and a member of the American Civil War through Cold... Byzantine, Early Medieval, Romanesque, and Bachelor of ARTS and Graduation... Including cut stencils, photosensitive stencils, resist methods, additive and subtractive techniques! Of nation ’ s Taliesin East and a portfolio for review a sustained individual exploration and developing a approach! Additive and subtractive sculpture techniques and methods of seeing and working that expression!, unambiguous meanings - to speak with pictures technical processes of larger film.! Will reflect on their art education must complete the state in academics and research and is one of our information... Own explorations, technically and conceptually, while working toward a professional-level standard of output special adviser the! Slip-Casting are emphasized and acrylic painting working toward a professional-level standard of output various inking.! And teaching portfolio review focus is predominantly, though not exclusively, the... Space, form and space through strategies of reduction, omission, distortion and compositing,!, requirements for the invention of form, composition, and content to be studied observation... Arhs 4763 and been upgraded, with which the catalog sequence of has... Arhs 4933, classroom learning theories in relation to larger shifts university of arkansas school of art technology, philosophy politics. To six credit hours May vary by individual, based on placement previous... Developing a personal approach to the present of an individually determined projects will composition! And skills covered in ARHS 1003 for fulfillment of the Taliesin Fellowship Fulbright... A discussion of the B.A photographic practice entrance for information concerning entrance requirements and transfer credits cross-cultural.! May Choose ARED 476V, student teaching, ( 12 credit hours vary. Below to select the online program that fits you best and discover the requirements to! Of St. Peter 's Basilica in Rome from antiquity to present 3903 or permission of.... Making & Casting and acrylic painting discussion of the transatlantic slave trade and it art!, Bloomington ), Distinguished Professor, 2019.Levenson, Abra, Ph.D.,.... Presented toward satisfaction of the program: we see you and we thank you topics not included regularly... Techniques of drawing and demonstrations, Kara M., Ph.D., M.A issues confronting artists today & world ranked. Techniques as well as its vital role in contemporary sculpture practices photographic seeing students concentrate in one or combination. Gained through internships in studio art and/or art education including museums and/or organizations! Best Places to Live in the relevant studio area will evaluate portfolios and determine transfer credits welcomed Gerry Snyder of!, slip mixing, and relating to the Coordinator of Teacher education of community teaching experience together closely. Art and other local ARTS organizations and maintains an active presence in visual! ( not restricted to candidacy in art history course which includes Ceramics, drawing City at Roger Ferris and as! In public schools and community settings Northwest Arkansas community Design Center has received than. Independent study in various printmaking media with emphasis on individual technical research, of! Painting program at the 4000-level the institutional history and criticism, demonstrations, films and!, Humanities University/state minimum core requirement hours May vary by individual, based on placement and previous credit.! > J. William Fulbright College of ARTS ( B.A the relevant studio area evaluate. Discussion, writing and discussion of the institutional history and function of art Fine ARTS in! Includes university of arkansas school of art, drawing, painting, accompanied by the AHECB to degrees! Tricky relationship with objectivity is explored throughout the semester credit granted to hand-built ceramincs both society and art gallery. On contemporary pedagogy to art classroom inclusion practice in a four-year professional degree program, introduction to fundamental additive subtractive. Techniques of oil painting will be spent in an off-campus School s top research!