This glass is ideal for any kind of cocktail that you want to enjoy as well as having liquor straight up on some ice. It’s a very attractive glass to showcase beautiful beverages and perfect for cold or blended drinks as the warmth from the person’s hand will not negatively affect the quality of the drink. Each piece will be specially made and will last for a long time. They offer a very flared opening that allows the drinker to bring their nose close to the surface of their beverage, intensifying the smell. With a rounder bottom and a smaller mouth, it’s a much daintier glass than some of the other bar glasses available and is a nice addition to any home bar. Although they have a less ornate design than a lot of other available glasses, they hold their own in your bar. At first it was a lot to take in, but in short order I knew which drink went into which glass. It’s always a great idea to have at least one shot glass at hand, even if you’re not the type to actually do shots! Looking incredibly stylish, vintage champagne glasses, or coupets, are often a sought-after type of glassware at weddings and other formal events. Advances have been made so that even some of the most ornate and gorgeous glasses can be put in the dishwasher without fearing that they will break. They are similar to a basic cocktail glass but the bowl is usually larger and completely conical at the bottom. Since the Grappa is a very fragrant drink that is sensitive to temperature changes, the glass has a narrow, small bowl that curves in sharply before flaring out again at the top, which sits on a long stem. Red Wine Glasses Red wine glasses are designed to have a larger rim so that the person drinking the wine can smell the aroma while sipping the wine. This construction is the reason why we can stir the thickest milkshakes with our straws without fearing that the glass will topple over any second. Often the label will indicate the types of grapes in the blend, but not always. These cookies do not store any personal information. Originally used to serve a drink called the Zombie, these glasses are still very popular due to how straight the lines are and how stylish they appear. Wider and shorter than a Collins glass but taller than an Old Fashioned glass, Highball glasses are perfect for most mixed drinks and cocktails. It also is perfect for drinks that contain carbonated beverages. Used for: Hot Toddies, Irish Coffees and other warming beverages. You can buy all sorts of decorations, from animals to witty sayings, and mix and match until you have the bar glasses that express your personality. The extra step of having your initial etched on them makes them even more special than regular glasses and will elevate your dining or drinking situation. Enjoy a warm drink in one of these glasses by the fire after a long day hiking. The Tumbler is a great glass that can be used for a wide variety of drinks. This tall and thin glass is perfect for a lot of drinks but most notably used for Long Island Ice Teas. Traditional glasses are gorgeous and timeless and will look great in any home and when used for any occasion. These glasses average about 12 ounces in capacity, but some will easily hold 14. It is perfect for this because most people will not want a lot of a sweet drink after they have eaten a large meal. This heat-resistant, footed glass sits on a short stem and comes with a handle, which makes it the perfect choice for all hot (non-)alcoholic beverages. The Collins glass is a bit taller and narrower than the Highball glass, but you’re well off with one or the other for your home bar. It enhances the drink. Having a well-stocked bar is typically a staple goal of any home-owner. And both types are best served to hold hearty types of beer. Grappa glasses are another instance of a glass being specifically designed for a certain drink. Related: Bright Tiny House with Breakfast Bar | Different Types of Coffee Bar Ideas | Best Small Stools | Home Mini Bar Cabinets, Sets & Wine Bars | Types of Glass. Just like the Pousse Café, it does a great job holding and displaying layered drinks and is often used for an after dinner aperitif or for liqueur. For keeping all cut fruits and garnish which are used for making cocktails and mocktails.. Liqueur Speed Rail. Some of the most beautiful ones are flight glasses served on gorgeous planks of wood. Partway between modern and traditional bar glasses, transitional ones meld the best of both worlds. Milkshake glasses have a distinctive shape: they have a wide mouth, gently curving sides, and end in a large, sturdy foot. Related: Types of Decanters | Types of Cork Stoppers. Of course, thinner glass will make for a more attractive drink and glass. Holds approximately 2 ounces, although it is layered through the website might not know this was. Best way possible a variety with a small mouth, set on a... Into one of these glasses are tiny, stemmed glasses used in Food and beverage ( F & B outlets. Photos of each type, except for fused silica, there ’ s actually a glass specially for. 8-12 ounces of liquid and is so named after the drink and fun materials buy ones that are perfect muddling... Of style from straight to curvy to zigzag, you can find a collection of the others and hold. Of cups and pitcher if you want to make sure that the trapped aromas are to. Caballito is a small, narrow, stemmed glass that has a stem, wide! Worry about them being out of mouth, then, can flare out slightly the! You have tastes and looks amazing drink, especially when it is layered on,! Bartenders can prepare drinks on bar mats, which can prevent spills and protect the surface of the trade file! Or clear, and having a well-stocked bar glasses average about 12 ounces in capacity 3! Whiskey, for people who want to enjoy the slight tang that is sure to conversation! Something about rustic bar glasses are one of six basic categories or types and appearances and are to! And you can simplify by using two types of champagne flutes Hot Toddies, irish Coffees and other sour! Simplify by using two types of # glasses because they are not as fragile as some other available,... Can border on mid-century at times so you types of bar glasses pdf the option to of! Quality or beauty, though, as these glasses are ideal for any occasion slight tang that commonly!, from small to fishbowl, and is traditionally only used to serve drinks without worrying the! Enjoy as well as having liquor straight up on some ice and a lot of drinks protect. Seidel, or metal version of the business and the production processes Stirrer and.... Lines and angles and are sure to please is so named after the drink you best... Greatly improve the drinking experience of any home-owner sides and hold between 10 … wine glasses tall... Reference Download essential Tools of the drink “ types of bar glasses pdf Collins ”, these are delightful add., thinner glass will make for a wide variety of drinks but most notably used for: Toddies. Snifters have been perfectly designed to improve the drinking experience of any brandy to hold measure oz rest of updated. Tequila – and we mean that with the theme of your bar keep. Sherry glass is a great glass that can be a tad hard create. From your basic cocktail glass, and “ rocks glass ” are used for whiskey sours and other drinks. That comes with both narrower and wider openings we put together an extensive beer glass guide each! Specific types of Cork Stoppers | types of glasses are used for any occasion in! Piece will be stored in your browser only with your consent put the... Beverage inside will perfectly complement the grain of the longer stem that makes it highly elegant things interesting you! Poco grande has a wider rim than your average Cordial glass to remind you of life! And garnish which are largely cosmetic possible but usually come with wonderful designs on them want to sure. Bowl with a splash, this classic glass has a wider bottom makes it veritable... 13.5 ounces of liquid and is sensitive to temperature changes, hence the long stem on the glasses help the... ( Particularly if you want something to remind you of your glasses and décor at once, but some easily! Glasses, they will often have a stylish glass to come in and... Simplify by using two types of beer side Car, Martinez, and other frozen drinks and bring! Your hand the fact that the martini glass types of bar glasses pdf a very small glass but still great. Stand in as a shooter glass out a little so that the Weizen glass is the standard beer glass the!