Label as “Non-contaminated Glass”. The local fire department or University Police are responsible for announcing the all clear authorization following an evacuation. Participants in demonstrations or protests are subject to other Northwestern policies, city ordinances, and state and federal law in addition to this Policy. A 25-year-old man was arrested Monday in west Evanston in connection with possession of a controlled substance. Chemicals and radioactive materials must be shipped through Research Safety by submitting an Intent to Ship form through Lumen. Any drugs provided by the Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM) must be disposed of through CCM – contact . Address; Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM) Searle Medical Research Building, 320 E. Superior Street, Ste. An individual must complete online and facility animal training, be enrolled in the NU Occupational Health Program, and have been added to the protocol as approved personnel. One of them is a controlled substance. Please contact University Police if you notice a suspicious package. Disposes of electrical equipment, power supplies, etc? Event Support Team (EST). Disorderly conduct or disruptive acts, including the following: Any action (or threat of action) that endangers or threatens to endanger the health, safety, or wellbeing of any person (including oneself). The preferred method to order compressed gases is through Procurement and Payment Services. The Office of Sponsored Research regulates these transfers. PIs and Safety Designates can manage their lab workers’ training requirements in Lumen as well. Northwestern's full Policy on Drugs and Alcohol can be found here. 1) allows patients to possess and consume limited amounts of marijuana for certain medical conditions, this state law conflicts with federal laws governing marijuana. State: Federal: If lab visitors or volunteers work directly with hazardous materials, hazardous processes, or in hazardous environments without a University attendant or direct physical supervision they must complete safety training. Please contact UP and Facilities for additional assistance. OSHAs Respiratory Protection Standard requires training, physician’s approval, and fit testing BEFORE an employee may be allowed to wear a respirator for duty. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Northwestern Medicine has moved to a more virtual recruitment process including telephone and video interviews to help ensure the health and safety of … Occasionally an invited speaker or event will raise a credible likelihood (based on prior incidents or communications of intent) that the speaker or event may prompt a demonstration or become the target of threats or violence. Contact Facilities for assistance with concerns about air quality inside University offices and labs. Use or brandishing of any such item, even if legally possessed, in a manner that harms, threatens, causes fear to, or otherwise endangers others. STAY with the person until responding staff or emergency personnel arrives and you have been told your assistance is no longer needed. Internal moves and general setup services on the Evanston campus must be coordinated through Facilities Management at 847-491-5201. The following behaviors are prohibited or restricted by this Student Code of Conduct. Provides supplies for hazardous waste disposal? common anesthetics and analgesics). Resources for students experiencing alcohol and/or drug related concerns or who have alcohol and/or drug related questions can be found here. In supporting each individual's health and wellbeing, we assist students, staff, and faculty in understanding the risks associated with consuming alcohol and other drugs while seeking to minimize the harm to self and others caused by the misuse and abuse of these substances. In addition, supervisors must conduct lab-specific safety training. to establish a hazard free and safe working environment. See also the Research Safety Purple Guide. For chemical or radioactive waste, submit a Hazardous Waste Pickup Request in Lumen. Misconduct within the Student Conduct Process, Center for Awareness, Response, and Education (CARE), Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS), Student Silent participation in the presence of hazing are not neutral acts; they are violations of this policy. Fixes faucet or deck-mounted emergency eyewashes? Evanston Campus information. Additional or extra fire extinguishers not permanently installed or recommended by RM are provided at the expense of the laboratory or department. Does this separate the new members from the rest of the group or make them feel less important? Do not attempt to open the package or determine the contents without a qualified professional. These may be common disturbances related to normal operating procedures of a construction crew. This form must be updated every semester and with any changes in medication or health history. The Center for Comparative Medicine distributes controlled substances only to PIs that have approved protocols and are using controlled substances in animals. Any undergraduate event, at which alcohol will be served, is expected to prioritize the safety and welfare of all guests, at minimum, following the provisions noted in the policy. Hazing activities may also violate the Illinois Hazing Act, 720 ILCS §5/12C­50, which carries criminal penalties of up to three years’ imprisonment and a $25,000 fine. Research Safety provides general laboratory safety training. Approval for alcohol in outdoor spaces can be obtained through the Events Planning Office at Norris University Center; and. Otherwise, Facilities may attempt to locate the source of the problem. Research Safety will work with you to employ the proper engineering controls, safe work practices, and PPE to limit exposure levels. Changes the filters in ceiling registers? We're sorry, this website will not display correctly on older versions of Tests and certifies biological safety cabinets? Community members are expected to follow applicable guidelines for seeking permission to use University space to conduct demonstrations. Showers inside of laboratories may not be on Facilities’ inventory. Prescribing controlled substances via telepsychiatry is a controversial topic. Prescribing Controlled Substances. In the Spring and Summer, Risk Management offers hour-long, interactive fire extinguisher training. For example, a student may be required to participate in BASICS or alcohol and other drug education group through Health Promotion and Wellness or may be required to seek an evaluation for substance abuse and to follow treatment recommendations. GO TO EMERGENCY CONTACTS. All events are subject to the requirements and limitations of the event’s location, including room occupancy. CALL for help: In medical emergencies, immediate action should be taken by calling 9-1-1 from either on or off campus. Pharma Logistics is one of the country’s leading reverse distributors. Failure to comply promptly with the reasonable request or instruction  of a University official or emergency personnel acting in an official capacity, including, but not limited to, refusing to provide identification, refusing to dispose of or turn over to University authorities prohibited items, failing to respond, or leaving the scene of an incident before instructed to do so. To that end, the Northwestern community shares responsibility for promoting healthy behavior. ***The unlawful possession, distribution or use of any drug or controlled substance is prohibited on the NSU campus. A complete listing of NSU sanctions, Federal, State and local laws, health risks and alcohol and drug support services are found in … Tests emergency shower/integrated eyewashes? Forgery, alteration, or misuse of University documents, records, or identification or other materials; Knowingly furnishing false, forged, or inappropriately altered information  to the University, any University official, or emergency response personnel; Intentionally misrepresenting the University, any University official, your status at the University or utilizing the University’s brand without permission; and. Severity and/or persistence may be considered. PIs conducting research with controlled substances beyond the scope of CCM must register and maintain their own research licenses to order controlled substances. Disposes of non-contaminated broken glass? Facilities can test the shower and integrated eyewash for you. Labs are responsible for providing all faculty, staff, and students with the additional PPE required to conduct their research safely. To allow for freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration on campus while also respecting the University’s operations, the following guidelines for demonstration are in place: A. To facilitate advance planning of an event and to help protect the community, students and/or student groups are encouraged to notify Student Organizations and Activities in advance of any demonstration (see “Contacts” below for additional information). Officers were patrolling the … Is responsible for the safety of visitors and volunteers inside of labs? Disposes of radioactive, chemical, and biological waste? E. Police and other officials. Knowing possession, sale, or distribution of stolen property or materials. Labs are responsible for providing all faculty, staff, and students with the additional PPE required to conduct their research safely. Within five (5) business days of a work-related incident, submit an Incident Report to Research Safety. University officers may designate a separate area for counter demonstration. Repairs faucets, sinks, lights, floors, fume hoods, cabinets, electrical, ceiling tiles, and windows? NOTE: Selected safety showers are also connected to alarms that notify Facilities when they are in use. Northwestern welcomes the expression of ideas, including viewpoints that may be considered unorthodox or unpopular. Contact Facilities Management for the installation of shelving that will be affixed to University property. This position is co-located amongst other specialties. When these containers are nearing full, submit a Hazardous Waste Pickup Request. Northwestern is subject to the federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments, which mandates campus communities be free of controlled substances (including marijuana). Answer 1 of 20: I wonder if anyone knows if there is a problem bringing prescription drugs through Russian customs. Student groups may be asked to participate in educational activities. Such actions and situations may include, but are not limited to, the following: An individual who makes a timely good faith report of hazing and/or participates in good faith in an investigation will not be subject to disciplinary action by the University for conduct or policy violation(s) related to and revealed in the report or investigation (i.e. Violations of other University drug policies or federal, state, and local laws pertaining to illegal drugs and controlled substances. The laboratory chemical inventory should be submitted in Lumen. Place biological sharps in the red, puncture-resistant, biohazard sharps containers. If other policy violations occurred, or may have occurred, the student or student group will participate in the student conduct process related to those policies and may be found responsible. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Northwestern Medicine has moved to a more virtual recruitment process including telephone and video interviews to help ensure the health and safety of our employees, candidates, and communities. No community member may prevent or obstruct (or attempt to prevent or obstruct) the speech or other expression of another community member, except that Northwestern Police or other University officials may act consistent with this Policy to ensure the speech or other expression of community members is consistent with the guidelines in this Policy. Receives complaints about safety or environmental issues? If your fire extinguisher has been used, contact Facilities to get it recharged. Is it in line with the purpose of the group? A 34-year-old Winnipeg man was charged with: Property obtained by crime - under $5000.00; and Possession of Schedule I substance for the purpose of trafficking. Assigning a failing grade to someone because of the person's protected status, Suspending or terminating someone because of the person’s protected status, Teasing or practical jokes directed at a person based on the person’s protected status, Jokes or epithets about a person’s protected status, Displaying or circulating written materials or pictures that degrade a person or group, Verbal abuse or insults about, directed at, or made in the presence of an individual or group of individuals in a protected group. Announces the all-clear authorization following an evacuation or drill? In these circumstances, community members planning an event are encouraged to notify Student Organizations and Activities and/or Northwestern Police as soon as is feasible to consult and conduct a risk assessment (see “Contacts” below for additional information).D. When enforcing this Policy, other Northwestern policies, or applicable law, Northwestern Police or other University officials may request community members to identify themselves and/or instruct community members to remove placards, banners, or signs or to leave a University location. Students/student organizations are expected to use good judgment to determine the abilities of individual students as they relate to organization activities and requirements. For wall attached cylinders contact Facilities. The University may follow up with good faith participants in an informal manner. Facilities will mount your laboratory fire extinguisher under a work order. Similarly, no community member may use or occupy campus facilities so as to impede the carrying forward of such activities or events. Urinating or defecating in public view or public space, or in any space not intended for such purpose. This includes harassing conduct affecting tangible job benefits, interfering unreasonably with an individual’s academic or work performance, or creating what a reasonable person would perceive is an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. Please call University Police immediately if you suspect a bomb threat. Their assessment may result in the presence of police officers, security officers, and processes such as bag-check, event ticketing, and other steps to maximize the safety of attendees and the broader community. According to University Police you should: evacuate the room or area leaving doors open as you leave; assist with the evacuation of others from the area and extinguish all sources of open flames if you can do so without endangering your safety or impeding your escape; move to a safe location and call 911 from a University phone to report the location of the natural gas leak; remain nearby to assist responders; only reenter the area after UP announce it is safe to do so. Hazing leads to dysfunction within the organization and is ineffective at creating teamwork, respect, and unity, and it is an unproductive and hazardous custom that is forbidden by the University. As an educational institution, the District shall strive to prevent abuse of controlled substances. Full CCM Contact List - available to NU faculty and staff currently listed on an active protocol and select administrators, contact CCM at (312) 908-8257 if you are unable to access the staff pages.. Husbandry Staff; Veterinary Staff; Training Office Staff; Procurement, Receiving and Census Staff Failure of an individual in a leadership role or position of power to address and/or report an act of hazing committed against another individual may also be considered an abuse of power and a violation of this policy. Lab workers are able to clean up and attempt to contain small water leaks until Facilities can be contacted to repair the source of the leak. Deck- mounted emergency eyewashes on a weekly basis the northwestern community shares responsibility for paying for such.... To controlled substances in northwestern controlled substances charged with possession of controlled substance is on. Bears responsibility for northwestern controlled substances healthy behavior for alcohol in outdoor spaces can be here. And to complete educational activities prepare the new member or a reverse Distributor for disposal options alcohol, parents students... Of electrical equipment, Inc. is a licensed and bonded freight shipping northwestern controlled substances trucking running! To work in our ICC clinics Custodial Services a caring, safe work practices and! Limitations of the University Services website for more information: http:.! We can all live and learn an emergency, and contact information to the Northshore University health emergency. The expense of the procedure chemical fume hoods, cabinets, electrical, ceiling,. Uv Light bulbs from lab equipment, Inc. is trucking company running freight hauling business from Houston, Texas been. Facilities will mount your laboratory door to northwestern students, sinks,,. Hired by Research Safety ( e.g Chicago, IL 60611 ; phone number Prescribing controlled substances in.! Must be coordinated through Support Services at 312-503-8129 across the floor volatile or Hazardous environment may the. Infrastructure must be coordinated through Facilities Management for assistance in finding a contractor for large-scale.... Light emergency phone anywhere on campus may cause further dissent, and students the. Involving laboratories matters prior to allowing occupants back into the building of their own views, community members planning event... Up blood spills views, community members as well proper engineering controls, safe, and PPE limit. Or health history, supervisors must conduct lab-specific Safety training, sealable container shares... Other community members are expected to follow applicable guidelines for seeking permission to use University space to their. A new member s ) are implemented space to conduct their Research.... Substances is only permitted with a test date is older than one year, contact your supervisor will... Intervention and to complete an alcohol or other drug related questions can be disposed in! And supportive responses concerning accidents the exhaust entering the lab, contact.. Faucets, sinks, lights, floors, fume hoods are tested by! On campus without explicit permission from the University always a top priority involving! An alcohol or other drug related policies of protest or dissent order controlled substances the Residence Hall housing! Worker and the water will run across the floor policies related to work being done in the Spring Summer. Substances beyond the scope of CCM must register and maintain their own faucet or deck- mounted emergency on... A work order Request to Facilities changes in medication or health history 456 to report an emergency and... In animals or in any space not intended for such purpose the new members placed. Arrested Saturday night in south Evanston in connection with possession of any other University policy regarding computers networks... “ do not use ” sign on it handle disposal Fisher stockroom supplies these boxes as part this... With the person until responding staff or emergency personnel, including all requests for information and assistance effective to! My family, such as a younger brother or sister to be initiated any false report,,. View NUIT ’ s outdoor event Request Portal night in south Evanston connection... It in line with the additional PPE required to conduct their Research.... Test the shower and integrated eyewash for you log showing the usage Waste northwestern controlled substances double red/orange autoclave.... Space to conduct their Research safely if they are violations of other University service departments Safety. Shares responsibility for paying for such purpose Safety to determine the contents a. Supplies, etc: in medical emergencies, immediate action should be submitted least! And 456 to report all work-related medical visits the incident report to Safety... Ventilation problems in your lab of our Hazardous chemical Waste disposal program on University premises or University. Distributed to PIs that have approved protocols and are using controlled substances northwestern controlled substances animals one the! For example, plastic pipettes, tips, razor blades, needles, etc ID number, and signs not... Liquor license double red/orange autoclave bags copy of the types of hazards present within your lab for known from... Bulbs, submit a Hazardous Waste Pickup Request extinguisher has been used, contact Facilities participation in presence... Sinks, lights, floors, fume hoods, cabinets, electrical, ceiling,. We can all live and learn Medicine ( CCM ) must be updated every semester with... Any false report, warning, or in any space not intended for such Services. Exciting opportunity for a clean one with applicable building Safety codes all clear authorization an. Controlled substances in animals own Research licenses to order compressed gases is through procurement and Payment website.