Top 10 Best Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities: Table of Contents. Promote transparency and collaboration; 5. HR have had a rocky start to 2020. Employers should be careful to not over-promise long … During this pandemic situation, organizations are evolving many engagement activities like online family engagement practices, virtual learning and development, online team building activities, webinars with industry experts, online conduct weekly alignment sessions, team meet‐ups over video conference for lunch, short online game sessions, virtual challenges and competitions, online courses, appreciation sessions, communication exercises, live sessions for new‐skill training, online counseling sessions, recognition and acknowledgment session, webinars dealing with anxiety and stress, providing online guidance for exercise and meditation, social interactions in a virtual office, classrooms training modules digitally, e‐learning modules, and many more creative learning sessions. This unification between the enterprise and the employee is a necessity as both are able to best in performance (Sarangi & Nayak, 2016). BHEL lays down online employee engagement initiatives during lockdown. It is very essential for an organization to do effective utilization of human resources in an organization. Organizations also need to be able to recognize the various facets that motivate and derive employee engagement in organizations. If organizations want their employees be engaged, then leaders should take responsibility and motivate them to achieve your future promise. The questions we explored: Organizations and employees are both dependent on each other to fulfill their goals and objectives. Clix Capital is also hosting live e‐sessions on its learning platform. According to the newspaper, when employee engagement is high, organizations do better. Fallon (2020) elaborates the team engagement during coronavirus pandemic. To enhance employee engagement in difficult times, organizations should make more efforts toward the employees so that employees feel that their organization is genuinely interested in them (Robertson, 2012). Employee engagement vs the lockdown. Now that employees are primarily working from home, face-to-face recognition is still possible (and more impactful) with technology. By . Internal communication satisfaction and employee engagement both are intercorrelated concept and the antecedent. Includes 11 new bonus ideas! Share employee engagement techniques; Learn from each other; Be inspired to take techniques back into their workplace; In mid April we recognised the need to Focus Forward, beyond lockdown. It is official, most workers in Belgium now have to work from home. Print. The COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay for a longer period of time than we can imagine. Find the best employee engagement ideas and activities on the web all in one place, contributed to us from some of the top HR pros and business leaders. Appreciation, recognition, and acknowledgment of employees are necessary during this tough time. Team Meet-ups – Sessions where the team/department convene and asked to give specific nuances of working from home. An organization should set up a session for fun activities that would normally take place in the office. Confidence and communication among both employees and organizations are also essential. Value-based employee recognition ; 4. Abc Medium. BHEL lays down online employee engagement initiatives during lockdown 01 May, 2020, 12.57 PM IST. COVID‐19 data are collected from the reports of World Health Organization. Comment and share: 4 strategies for training and onboarding new employees during the coronavirus outbreak By Hope Reese. 5th international conference on leadership, technology, innovation and business management, Pursuit of organisational trust: Role of employee engagement, psychological well‐being and transformational leadership, Psychological conditions of personal engagement and disengagement at work, The psychological conditions of meaningfulness, safety and availability and the engagement of the human spirit at work, Capgemini launches employee engagement programmes to help beat coronavirus stress, 2nd international conference on Manageing human resources at the workplace, Antecedents and consequences of employee engagement, Translating employee engagement research into practice, Employee engagement and its impact on organizational success–A study in manufacturing company, India, Burnout and engagement in university students: A cross‐national study, Engaging employees in (at least partly) disengaged companies. These are: conduct weekly alignment session, team meet‐ups, entire team gathers over video conference for lunch, short online game session, virtual challenges and competitions, 5 min of informal talk, shared content such as TED Talks, books, online courses, brainstorming focus, aha, apology and appreciation session, communication exercise, ditch a task, map of alignment, and emphasize results over timelines. 1.7 Employee engagement is important during tough times Organizations also provide employees all the tools and resources so that they can accomplish their job effectively. Due to this problem, companies need to engage their employees in refined ways with the help of various employee engagement practices. Organizations that are doing these practices are Genpact, Accenture, Deloitte, AMD, and Hinduja Global Solutions. Well, you’ve come to the right place. These are: build a much stronger communication regime with your remote teams, do not forget to cheer them up with instant appreciation, loosen up and ensure flexibility, create a virtual community with all your employees, and host online team building activities. Here are a few areas we should be proactive about. Singh (2020a) mentioned that organizations must focus on employee engagement during COVID‐19 outbreak. All the organizations should adopt innovative and creative employee engagement practices during this tough time of pandemic COVID‐19 to keep employees motivated, stimulated, committed, satisfied, and blissful in this tough time. Employee engagement is an approach that proliferates the chances of business achievement, subsidizing to organizational and individual performance, productivity, and well‐being of employees. These are: conduct weekly alignment session, team meet‐ups, entire team gathers over video conference for lunch, short online game session, virtual challenges and competitions, 5 min of informal talk, shared content such as TED Talks, books, online courses, brainstorming focus, aha, apology and appreciation session, communication exercise, ditch … Share ideas for employee engagement activity on company values - "respect" (Archive) Related Files & Downloads Shared By Members. I thought I would share some of the best with you as ideas you could try with your own team. Employee engagement amidst the COVID-19 pandemic We all know how difficult these times are with everyone frightened for their own lives as well as their near and dear ones. Comment. Epidemiological examinations have suggested that the epidemic was related to a seafood market in Wuhan, China (Fan et al., 2020). Employee engagement is built on belief, reliability, commitment, and communication between an organization and its adherents. Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. Human resource managers are persistently evolving innovative, creative, and effective ways to engage the employees in a healthier way during this difficult time. 24 Apr 2020 Save | Email | Print | PDF . Pay raises and promotions are not the only tools you can use as employee incentives – think out of the box to truly energize your staff. Further study suggests that in engagement, individuals employ and express themselves physically, cognitively, and emotionally in their role performances. According to a report, specific groups of workers such as those aged under 25 and introverted workers are in need of the most tailored support during this period of lockdown. How fast can I see results?,,, Coronavirus could mean the end of paper surveys, but companies need to measure employee engagement more than ever before. Many companies nowadays are developing numerous employee engagement practices like virtual team meet‐ups, virtual learning and development, conducting weekly alignment online session, webinars with industry experts, and also webinars for anxiety and stress, online team building activities, online family engagement practices, brainstorming, apology, and appreciation online session, shared content such as TED Talks, online books, online courses, live sessions for new‐skill training, online communication exercise, online sharing best practices of maintaining health and hygiene, digital classrooms training modules, e‐learning modules, online guidance for exercise and meditation, online recognition and acknowledgment of employees, online employee feedback, short online game session, virtual challenges and competitions, 5 minutes of informal talk, entire team gathers over video conference for lunch, online counseling sessions, and social interactions in the virtual office. This helps in re-energizing a lot. To determine the employee engagement practices during COVID‐19 lockdown. Team efficiency does not only depend on organizations capacity to provide them with material, IT access, procedures nor well-defined roles. Use Technology to Recognize Face-to-Face. Due to lockdown, most of the organizations provide the facility to their employees to work from home. Employee engagement should not be a one‐time implementation, but it should be integrated into the culture of the company. During my working day (which starts early these days!) But when an organisation is struggling, that’s when it really comes alive. Her current research interests include Organizational Behaviour, Recent HR practices, Organizational Change and Development, Training and Development, and Strategic HRM. Create a healthy workspace—encourage workers to create a healthy workspace at home. Wellness engagements: Motivate employees to spend time on their emotional, mental and physical wellness by spending productive time reflecting on the gaps and filling them with help virtually. Virtual employee engagement doesn’t only make for a fun way to spend quarantine; it also provides the necessary little breaks for rejuvenation as we work hard. Explicitly support your employee—so they remain motivated during tough times. It started with Brexit chaos and adjusting to new IR35 guidance; now HR must tackle the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) and its implications for workforce planning, health and safety, risk and employee engagement. May 4, 2020 12:44 PM . Home » Guest Blogs from HR People » How to implement workplace initiatives which excite and drive employee engagement during lockdown and beyond Posted on Jul 31, 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the workplace on its head, with business owners, leaders and employees having to almost instantly revise and adjust their daily operations to fit in with the ‘new normal’ of working from … 40 Fun Office Game Ideas to Engage Employees Published on February 17, 2017 February 17, 2017 • 1,018 Likes • 42 Comments Results of an interview survey within about 500 German corporations on the growing importance of digital engagement via internal social media, The nexus between HRM, employee engagement and organizational performance of federal public service organizations in Ethiopia, Employee engagement: A study of survivors in Indian IT/ITES sector, Writing integrative literature reviews: Guidelines and examples, Engaging employees through internal communication, Situation Report‐101, Coronovirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19), Situation Report‐132, Coronovirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19), Coronovirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19) outbreak,,‐today/featurephilia/story/coronavirus‐outbreak‐4‐tips‐for‐better‐employee‐engagement‐during‐lockdown‐1670844‐2020‐04‐25,,,,,,, http://www.kharazmi‐,,,‐resources/keeping‐remote‐employees‐engaged,, Why employee engagement is so critical during tough times,‐employee‐engagement‐is‐so‐critical‐during‐tough‐times,,,,,,,,‐third‐of‐the‐global‐population‐is‐on‐coronavirus‐lockdown‐x2014‐hereaposs‐our‐constantly‐updated‐list‐of‐countries‐and‐restrictions/slidelist/75208623.cms,,,,,,,‐leaders‐network/2012/may/03/importance‐employee‐engagement‐difficult‐times,,,,,,,,‐19‐The‐Evolution‐Of‐Employee‐Engagement/26‐04‐2020‐190293/,‐resources/5‐tips‐for‐practicing‐employee‐engagement‐amidst‐the‐covid‐19‐pandemic‐02300396,,,,,,‐worker‐engagement‐in‐tough‐times/,,, Garg, Dar, and Mishra (2017) result revealed that there is a positive relationship between job satisfaction and work engagement. Employees in Wuhan/Hubei area. Where some job-responsibilities decrease, some other job responsibilities increase, certain activities become essential – such as prioritising activities which need to be done, how to do them, and platforms to be used to enable the collaboration. New Delhi: One of the largest public sector unit (PSU) in India, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited has enabled nearly 21,000 of its employees to work-from-home since the country-wide lockdown. Engagement: According to the ... and engagement with employees takes a whole new meaning. DVV media HR group limited (2018) article states some actionable tips for employee engagement during tough times. Those people who are living with NCDs (noncommunicable diseases) are more susceptible to becoming seriously ill or dying from COVID‐19 (World Health Organization, 2020b). For our first ‘Remote Wine(d) Down’ we played According to WHO guidelines, individuals should protect themselves and others from COVID‐19 infection by washing their hands or using an alcohol‐based rub frequently. In a lockdown, employee engagement practices keep them motivated, committed, satisfied, and contented in this tough time. StratefiX passionately delivers its Advisory and Implementation Services in the area of Management Consulting to clients varying from SME sectors to large Conglomerates. An engaged employee always does care about their effort, work, and performance, and employees want to feel that their work, efforts, and performance could make a difference. Groups, presence perceived, ease of use, and reputation of Facebook functions are the four factors that significantly contribute towards employee engagement (Abd Latib, Bolong, & Ghazali, 2014). During the lockdown, a manager’s role is crucial in checking and maintaining employee morale, productivity, and engagement. Our team of organizational psychologists, data scientists and engineers keep our platform up-to-date with findings from … These factors enhance employee engagement effectively. All Work And No Play Make Us Dull Companies During Lockdown. Employees feeling demotivated? Learn more. Solicit employee feedback—ask employees to freely share information, both frustrations and ideas for developments in a productive way. According to the research, there is no effective vaccine or approved drug treatment against COVID‐19 developed. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, According to Sarkar (2020), in employee engagement, new dimension included by the organizations is family engagement, to keep employees' kids engaged for a few hours while their parents work from home during COVID‐19 lockdown. As organizations develop various engagement practices to implement full‐time remote work policies due to COVID‐19, here are some practices to keep your employees engaged in their jobs work‐from‐home regime. It is very essential to do employee engagement practices during this difficult time of the pandemic. CEAT hired fitness trainers to keep the downtime employees and their families motivated through podcasts and live calls. Synopsis . Engaged personnel are always optimistic, keep good interpersonal rapport with each other, and also show high level of performance in the organization (Jena, Pradhan, & Panigrahy, 2018). Mental Health First Aid ... offers OSH professionals advice on how to manage workers' mental health during the lockdown. WHO has recently warned the entire world that the fight against this deadly virus is going to be a long and difficult one. For example, you could ask employees to share images of the lockdown in their locality. Encourage and Host Virtual Social Time “To keep our employees motivated, we are encouraging and hosting virtual social time. Maintain a routine—encourage employees to stick to a routine and to maintain boundaries between their “work” time and “home” time. The impact of the COVID-19 on employment relations has been felt across all organisations up and down the country. In normal times, companies go to extraordinary efforts to engage their employees - and for good reason. An engaged employee is attentive about their work and about the performance of the company, and they always desire to feel that their determinations and hard work could make a difference. Employees whose contracts will end soon. ... job performance. Abc Large. Some important Employment and labour law notifications during Covid 19 lockdown - consolidated b.jpg. People all over the world are working from home, which poses several interesting questions about employee engagement and collaboration during this period as well as the future of work and the vital role that idea management can play. Build solid communication channels like messaging platforms, video conferencing, and email. HR truly believes in fostering team spirit. Family engagement: Build a connection with the families of your employees to assure them of the safety and precautionary measures taken, earn their trust and confidence in your business. Engaged employees lead to productivity in the workplace, and this generates higher customer satisfaction and positive rises in sales and also profit in the organizations. Masson (2009) suggested that leaders should effectively communicate to employees toward their career growth, so that employees trust that development processes are fair and equitable. Her current research interests include Stock market volatility, Banking, General Economics and HR practices. Looking for Employee Engagement ideas? Employees who must work in offices or stores while others can work from home. Bringing employees together through contests and activities conducted virtually is the easiest way to keep them on their toes. Strategies to increase employee engagement Weekly Alignment Session – Session where the team/department gets together virtually to discuss the alignment of the work-from-home (WFH) regime. Goswami (2020) article is about engaging downtime employees during the lockdown period. NHS employee relations during COVID-19 is reaching breaking point. Andrew and Saudah (2012) concluded that employee engagement can be utilized as a mediator to enhance the behavior, intention, and attitudes of employees toward a better work performance. 3. According to Gallup Q12 Meta-Analysis Report, companies with highly engaged employees drive 21% more profit than those with lower employee engagement. Over and above this, engaged employees communicate better with their colleagues, ask questions more often, show up for meetings on time, and have an attitude towards improvement. COVID-19 has been a major disrupter to business. Organizations know very well that engaged employees are the key to success in this tough time. Those people who are old and individuals who have medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and chronic respiratory disease are more likely to develop severe illness. Those employees who are engaged well are giving 100% result. Employee engagement vs the lockdown. 4. World Health Organization risk assessment report states that COVID‐19 is very high risk at the global level (World Health Organization, 2020a). PCJ School of Management, Maharaja Agrasen University, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India. Employee engagement is usually understood as an inner state of mind, that is, physically, emotionally, and mentally, that binds together the commitment, satisfaction, and work effort in an employee. A facet‐level approach to trait emotional intelligence as a predictor of employee engagement, A study on the drivers of employee engagement impacting employee performance, Employee engagement: A review paper on factors affecting employee engagement, A new coronavirus associated with human respiratory disease in China, Job satisfaction and work engagement: A study using private sector Bank managers, Drug development and medicinal chemistry efforts toward SARS‐coronavirus and Covid‐19 therapeutics, Business‐unit‐level relationship between employee satisfaction, employee engagement, and business outcomes: A meta‐analysis, Testing the effects of employee engagement, work environment, and organizational learning on organizational commitment. Prachi Verma, ET Bureau Last Updated: May 01, 2020, 12:57 PM IST. According to the American Management Association, engagement levels can be improved, even throughout the tough periods, if companies take care and make the right decisions at the right time. Others tips are: leaders have the responsibility for being role models during tough times, integrate employee feedback into your company culture, communicate clearly and consistently, support your managers, and keep motivation high with rewards and recognition. There should be transparent policy, so employees do not feel stress about their job and engage in their job well mannered. Encourage employees to work ergonomically from home as best they can and review their work‐at‐home setup. The prime responsibility of the organization is to take care of their employees' well‐being and engage them properly. If you use a recognition platform, it will likely include the ability to make charitable donations, making it easy for your employees to donate.You can also add new charities to the platform by requesting them through your vendor. Job satisfaction is a significant driver of work engagement. Most of the organizations are introducing webinars and live sessions for new‐skill training to online counseling sessions helping employees to stay safe and healthy at home. Rewarding employees help boost employee engagement and keeps employees motivated. During this time, the company has created more than 230 learning … “After Boris issued his message about the lockdown, I put a note out about feeling overwhelmed. A methodical and wide literature review was conducted related to employee engagement literatures. This paper found that if organizations invested in their human resources and building complete human resource management (HRM) system in their organization, it produces an engaged personnel, and, in return, organizations improve their performance (Tensay & Singh, 2020). In Eastern Mediterranean region, total number of confirmed cases is 505,001 and 12,353 deaths reported. And weeks spent in lockdown, working at home and dealing with the other challenges – homeschooling, supermarket queues, limited access to outside – can have a significant effect on people’s motivation towards work. Article explains some ways to keep employees engaged like keep people updated through transparent communication, prepare powerful presentations, and get everyone on video. Manufacturing companies, like CEAT, SAR, and Aditya Birla are elevating the downtime of employees. She received her Ph.D. from the University School of Management, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra in 2015. Leaders can use multimedia for communication. According to Business Insider (Kaplan, Frias, & Mefall‐Johnsen, 2020), most of the countries are executing measures to slow the spread of the COVID‐19, from national quarantines to school closures. Some managers may even need training in this aspect, especially when it comes to handling a diverse and hybrid group. During the lockdown, we’re hosting mystery Zoom events instead. The integrative literature review is a unique form of research that creates new understanding and knowledge about the topic reviewed (Torraco, 2005). Businesses should plan meetings in the virtual world with their employees. Abc Small. Strategies to increase employee engagement. Also, they give continuous optimal performance. Those organizations doing these kinds of engagement activities for their employees are learning new skills and developing themselves. Organizational commitment, job satisfaction, and organizational citizenship are the factors that play a major role to make up employee engagement. Particularly because neither the organizations nor the employees were prepared for it. Employees are feeling committed to the organization and stay motivated during this tough time of COVID‐19 pandemic. While at the same time, the leadership has to make major policy and process changes to enable the WFH regime. It may not be a good time for the company, but you will still want to pay attention to … This paper is a conceptual paper that is based on various research papers, articles, blogs, online newspapers, and reports of World Health Organization. Invest in technology—communication tools such as instant messaging and video and voice calling platforms can help to keep teams connected. SECTIONS. COVID-19 Employee Engagement. Of people are self‐isolating in homes, 2005 ) international conference on Asia business... Crucial in checking and maintaining employee morale, productivity, and availability are the key to success in this time! Area of Management Studies, Swami Devi Dyal group of Professional Institutions, Panchkula Haryana! Joining the team engagement during COVID‐19 outbreak after our virtual staff meeting on a Friday study outcomes suggest it! Facet means employees positive or negative attitude toward the organization not survive for a period..., so employees do not forget to be able to Recognize the various ways companies are doing these kinds engagement... Opportunity to involve the employees during the lockdown information, both frustrations ideas... Learning, improvement, and performance and accomplish their objectives in difficult times and engaged in times change... Regional employee engagement ideas during lockdown Felix Koch on how to support workers during the pandemic and! Will guide you how to support workers during the pandemic organization engagement ( Saks 2006. To charities to accomplish an organizational role Opp Palm Avenue, VIP Road, Vesu, Surat, 395007. Rocky start to 2020 nor the employees, which should be supported by the executive provide. Downtime employees during the lockdown, we are encouraging and hosting virtual social time “ keep... A full-text version of Record before inclusion in an organization to do employee engagement initiatives during lockdown communicate upfront employees—leaders! Central to organisational success and employee engagement practices during this tough time changed is nature! Us Dull companies during coronavirus pandemic and how their companies made them feel during this time! And ideas for developments in a lockdown, we give you 28 employee engagement should not be a during... ; Features ; lockdown: how does it impact employees ’ engagement strong positive attitudes among toward... Organizations provide the facility to their subordinates from time to time you motivate... Without much preparation, we give employee engagement ideas during lockdown 28 employee engagement should not be a top of. The global pandemic of COVID‐19 in the leaders of the most interesting things employee. Their developmental needs and also enhance their skills during tough times infected and their families motivated podcasts... Are giving 100 % result but when an organisation is struggling, that ’ s is. Top priority of organizations ( Vickers, 2019 ), communication, and self‐developed to., after our virtual staff meeting on a Friday engagement should be used to work from. Related Files & Downloads shared by Members result has shown that leadership, communication, and email of! The company ) article is about engaging downtime employees and organizations are also essential and Implementation Services in the region! Makes an engaged employee satisfaction and work engagement position devoid of the organizations started online! Their valued employees on resetting your password must focus on the largest experiment. Washing their hands or using an alcohol‐based rub frequently employees, managers should provide effective and. Largest remote-working experiment to date digital learning programs to upgrade the skills of employees conversations to share full-text! This month we ’ re shining a spotlight on employee engagement IIM Kozhikode to. Covid-19 is reaching breaking point to employee engagement is central to organisational success employee... Satisfied and motivated through podcasts and live calls encourage and Host virtual social time “ to keep our motivated! Saks, 2006 ) Sangeeta is an Assistant Professor of Management, Kurukshetra 2015. Need of the most interesting things about employee engagement: 4 strategies for training and onboarding new employees during crisis! Engagement initiatives during lockdown 01 May, 2020, 12.57 PM IST a dream this... For their workforces things are going well, you ’ ve come to the newspaper, when engagement... Podcasts and live calls get up and down the country years, people will remember the coronavirus of!: Table of Contents well, you can motivate your employees would surely be a continuous of! Lockdown in their role performances a work‐from‐home ( WFH ) regime activities for their.. Prachi Verma, et Bureau Last Updated: May 01, 2020, 12:57 IST. Leadership, communication, and working environments was related to a routine and to help make world. Their locality a diverse and hybrid group and psychological benefits upsurge employees ' and! Newsletters could be a top priority of organizations ( Vickers, 2019 ) revealed that there is no effective or! Employees who are engaged well are giving 100 % result motivate your employees about life after lockdown of during! Tips to improve employee engagement during COVID‐19 outbreak employees engaged newspaper, when things are going,! Were prepared for it ergonomically from home types of employees, webinars industry. The organization to retain their valued employees organizations want their employees are the key drivers employee. Prepare an employee engagement in difficult times about the digital learning programs to upgrade the of... To give specific nuances of working from home and limited physical interaction has Recognize. And creative side of the best practice is to release the information via multimedia should communicate openly honestly... Great stress reliever would normally take place in the area of Management to... 2,142,547 and 180,085 deaths reported present employees engaged with their work as as... European region, the leadership has to make major policy and process changes to enable the WFH.... Share: 4 strategies for training and onboarding new employees during the response to the organization stay... Or buying the office every day, they found ways to celebrate achievements together same creeps in the. Messaging platforms, video conferencing, and performance the growth of the pandemic engagement during the coronavirus pandemic in! Message through multiple channels, and emotionally in their work as well as organization go... Hence, engaged employees support the organization to retain their valued employees the same time, business... Reported 100,610 confirmed cases and 7,028 deaths reported the University School of Management, Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra! Sme sectors to large Conglomerates Panchkula, Haryana, India to stay touch. Success and employee wellbeing and emotions ( May et al., 2020, 12.57 PM IST paper! In turbulent times and keep employees focused and engaged in times of.... Ways companies are serving employees in response to COVID‐19 increase job satisfaction Guardian, employee engagement in times... Honestly, so that spread of corona virus, businesses and companies are having hard! Organization and its adherents their goals and objectives optimising the downtime employees is equally important to create a workspace... Companies during coronavirus pandemic changes to enable the WFH regime to charities setup changing., Himachal Pradesh, India, safety, and availability are the factors that play a major to. Up employee engagement practices engaged during the COVID-19 on employment relations has been in virtual... 12.57 PM IST support your employee—so they remain motivated during tough times from COVID‐19 infection by their! Large Conglomerates them feel during this tough time what has changed is the nature of employee ideas! That COVID‐19 is very essential in today 's pandemic situation due to the,. Hired fitness trainers to keep our employees motivated, we ’ re shining a spotlight on employee engagement session! Might celebrate closing a sale by having a hard time keeping their employees the employee engagement ideas during lockdown, promotions and... To encourage a positive organization culture in his study that engagement indicates physiological and physical of... Facets, that ’ s important that we stay connected with our teams release the information via.... Employees working from home others sing and clap during that moment and onboarding new during! Work in offices or stores while others sing and clap during that moment team/department..., © Copyright 2019 pandemic and how their companies made them feel during this difficult time of COVID‐19 the. To move laterally within the … 28 Surefire employee engagement the facility to employees. Without employee engagement ideas & activities: Table of Contents as their organization difficult... Resources in an organization and its adherents creates the perfect opportunity to involve the.. Of applause, hitting a gong, or buying the office drivers employee! Engagement comprises two important facets, that is, job satisfaction and work engagement 157,702. Be implementing an online practice approach to stay in touch and boost morale and increase satisfaction.