Hi Laura,I read your post last night and thought, “wow, so cool!” as I also saw the Blue Jay’s feather that night. im also getting preminitions withc are scary to me. Look at what kinds of birds live in your area. Blue Jay feathers are valued as bringer of light and joy and are said to have the ability to brighten up even the darkest places. If I think it’s from a guide i put it in a jar. I found 6 bluejay feathers across my path last week while hiking. I am in a place of wanting to step up my spiritual work, i have noticed i am opening up to alot more communication with spirit. What could that mean that I found 13 of them? Last year wile camping with my wife to be, I awoke to find what appeared to be white chicken feathers all over the ground around my van… Not around my wife’s car, or near the tent, just around my van. There are others: tail feathers (rectrices), border feathers (coverts), below the contour feathers (afterfeathers), and bristles. Best of luck! You can wear your favorite feather by making it into a hair piece or as a piece of jewelry. She kept one and gave one to me and my wife and the other to my parents. hi,There are lots of synchronistic things happening right now…in fact today I was hiking at Indian Wells State Park and I was gifted with finding a blue jay feather and a 14k gold Claddagh ring with a Blue Sapphire within a short distance of each other…. Share your handles here… . So glad you found this information useful Jenn! When in need of wisdom, finding a blue jay’s feather can signify that you are coming into a time of your life when you will understand your power, and how to weld it. Last week I lost my 59 year old sister to breast cancer. I am in fear of leaving a relationship and starting a new one. After I found the grey feather I saw an older woman tending her plants and one was an unusual plant (cactus type) and I stopped and told her I liked her garden and asked about the unusual one. I have every hope you can see one in person some day . Namaste . The circle is the program's basic group unit, providing a structure, sense of community, and support for all group activities. Until I experienced losing a close family member I never realized their Spirit could leave signs symbols and I never knew about synchronicity. A few days ago outside my front door a mainly black feather, i think a pigeon , landed straight upright , stuck in the ground, does this mean anything? I just retired from 33 years of teaching and have been a little fraught about what I am going to do now. Today I found a bright feather on my floor as I was moving things around then 2 Blue Jay feathers as I walked-I love each of my feathers. She looked at me and said, Mar, look.. “A BLUEJAY” how strange its that! ... fattest blue jay I have ever seen. And she looked down and saw a dead blue Jay laying at the edge of the street. Sometimes it starts as an uneasy feeling, or dreams in the night that stay with you during the day. Discover (and save!) Past few months I’ve been walking by the pond in the back of my house and I keep finding Blue Jay Feather a husband recently recovered from covid-19 during that time I was Finding Blue Jay Feather what does this Blue Jay Feather means. Finding a feather on the ground is a gift from Spirit—a spirit guide, angel, or deceased loved one. Carotenoids are responsible for the bright yellows seen in goldfinches and Yellow Warblers as well as the brilliant orangish yellow of the male Blackburnian Warbler. In addition to the type of feather, what kind of bird it came from, and how to do feather magic, research if the bird is connected to a god or goddess. Blue Jay/protective magick: you know when you’re not safe, when you’re vulnerable and unprotected. So , now she is gone, but i am sure she is in a better place. But recently about a month ago while in Sweden had a sesión sesión with a well know soul reader and she informed me that I was a powerful healer and I must hold onto and use the powerful connection I have already forged between myself and nature especialy wolves. He loved football. * Saved by Raven Feather. Many blessings to you Suzanne, thank you so much for sharing your story here. okay I’m kind of scared because I found a hawk feather on my familiar paths and owl feather on a familiar path so im scared im to young realy young, Owls are signs of wisdom and hawks encourage you to look at the bigger picture , I find feathers every where all the time and have an extensive collection. She told me I was marked by the wolf. Such a beautiful way to remember your brother Shawn! You don’t have to know the type of bird it came from to tap into its magic. Illustration of icon, creature, vector - 158335554 Hello I was delighted to find your blog. Many blessings! I looked for others but saw none. Dream Interpretation: 1 Dream Deciphered by Clairvoyant Witch! When you find a feather, thank your guides and place it on your altar, in a vase with a collection […], […] flowers, rocks, and more. There are other factors involved that all add into one giant hint cluebat upside the head…I love how the universe works sometimes. Many of us collect these things and never use them to aid in our water magic. Tune in during meditation and see what comes through for you. Need to look within and embrace solitude. I believe in animal spirit meanings, and have been finding blue jay feathers in my path almost every day now, sometimes two and three times a day . I’ve also been followed by the number 77 which was his high school football number. PODCAST BLOG POST So there it was, just sitting on the sidewalk, when I was taking out the garbage; this small bright, iridescent * I take finding them as a very good sign that I am going to be ok. If you have a choice to make, then a blue feather is a sign it is time. We are selling our home, and everything we own, just about, trying to gather money. Blue jays. (his father, my son passed away 6 months ago…he was only 21 months). When we listen, it can feel almost miraculous sometimes. I found 4 blue jay feathers taking out the trash tonight. Photo about Homemade magic wand with blue feather. My second finding was while taking a walk with My best friend Erica. After reading your post, I’m sure this must have been a sign to “attack” my situation with courage. Adornments: you can adorn yourself with feathers or you can use feathers to adorn your spiritual tools. Hawk feathers bring the magic of the hunt. I read but didn’t think to post anything. When I went to buried him, one of his blue stripped tail feathers fell and landed on my foot. It found its way to you, I have only been given 1. Pillow magic is the practice of placing objects into the pillow of a person to cause wasting sickness and even death. Hello, I found 5 feathers in a strange position and was wondering if it meant anything special. In our chakra system blue relates to the throat center and being able to speak our truth. When he stepped out of his vehicle there it was on the ground directly in front of him. I went into the backyard and sure enough on the edge of my propert was a small blue jay feather. I have not seen an actual Blue Jay since, during, or for about at least a month before my majestic finds. I would consider this a protection. I immediately went inside to Google the meaning of finding a blue Jay feather.. They weren’t alive but they would be right in front of me then my daughters would walk home from school and bring me them too-does that mean anything? 10 FREE Backyard Herbs & Objects To Use In Your Craft! Other signs are pressing, though–her symbol is the hawk, and hawks have been pestering us all winter. It’s going live in the next couple of weeks here! 2. The thing is I have lived here 12 years and not once seen a blue jay. Instead, the pigment in a blue jay's feathers — melanin — is brown, but we perceive it as blue because of a phenomenon called light scattering, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Not that I am aware of. Peace, Laura. Wow! What does that one mean? Most likely the result of some skirmish, but that I came across them felt powerful to me. Hi Aja, so nice to hear this – YES, totally a synchronicity. Today when I was walking the dog back from the beach by the lake where we have a camp I found 13 Bluejay feathers in a circular pattern but not exactly a circle. I took a walk with my love yesterday. As I read I found out you are also a dotter a wellness advocate like myself. Or am I over thinking it? Today I found three blue jay feathers next to my mail box. Also courage, good fortune, and life. White swan feathers hold purification, cleansing, beauty and positive energy and black swan feathers can be used to dispel negative energy. It is at this point I start to feel a certain way about it and start scouring the internet for meaning, even coming across this web site. That is how I took it, I found the 7th primary wing feather of a great grey or horned owl-it was about 12 inches long. Sending you love during this difficult time. Robin feathers bring new projects, plans and beginnings. My husband and I communicate through feathers-he is now in heaven, or on his way after finally crossing over. Blue has always been my favorite color and blue jays my favorite bird because of that. The last 3 feathers I’ve found have all been blue scrub jay tail feathers. Blessings to all. I take finding the 4 feathers as a very good sign that I am going to be ok. I have been going through a separation this year and have struggled with many issues. Contour feathers can bring a sense of self appreciation and protection. For instance, the seagull is connected to the Celtic sea god Manannan Mac Lir. Ironically a year ago is when we found our first blue jay feather. Ever since my session with her things have begun to change and I have been wrestling with the idea that I am what she claims I am. Saved by Leila Logan-Sanders. Or the lives of your loved ones? One is a tail feather and one a left wing feather. I asked the participants that evening if they had been experiencing any synchronicities from spirit as of late (we have several regulars who have been dropping in frequently). Do you think it means anything? You can find out more about the types of feathers by going here. Although your article is a few years old, it remains a useful reinforcement to be aware of ‘signs’ in everyday life. But on the beach there are seashells, coral, hag-stones, driftwood, feathers, and sea glass. Don’t know what it all means or if I ever will but we all miss him. To find life in dead things. Today while visiting with my sister I came across a Bleu Jay feather and told them ….feathers are angels….my grandson only 27 months was on his tricycle beside me and with his little voice says Daddy is an angels in heaven…. 335 Broadway, Cambridge, MA, USA. WHITE – White feathers symbolize purification, spirituality, hope, protection, peace, and blessings of the Moon. I dont recall ever seeing a blue jay in all of my 39 years of living here and i am a bird watcher. Does the combination of the three feathers and the coin have any significant meaning? There is so much sadness and anger and confusion in all three of us. Something evil? This morning, I got a call from my doctor. She’s a big time animal lover. I felt this was a powerful message. Thank you so much for sharing your story Skye! I am glad to find this post to know that others also find meanings in such things. I found your blog after searching for the symbolism of blue jays. OM. Early this morning, a friend of mine brought me a bluejay that they found in the middle of the road. To get started, here is a list of birds and feather symbolism: If you don’t know the kind of bird, look at the color. You were having an awful day, but somehow finding a feather on the ground has elevated your mood. But I feel very peaceful in here. What if someone found a feather and gave it to you? Cause I found one near my house where an eagle flys around. So much wonderful abundant loving energy Suzanne! The word blue is in your screen name and the feathers are of the same name. I have been seeing several large blue jays on my bird feeder lately but yesterday I heard a thump on the house. Blue Jay feathers are also known to symbolize power of healing. There is something special in every found feather. I was on a train in a boxcar traveling to an unknown destination with my husband and I found 3 brilliant blue jay feathers laying on the boxcar floor. The birds are speaking to you- letting you know your beloved dog is safe, or representing the Divine presence in your life- or both! Subscribe & leave a positive review so other Divine folks just like you can find these episodes. Feathers have found me on frequent occasions over the last two years. 137. Several days pass and my instinct to look at the ground and hope to find another feather has passed. Carry the feather with you and the spiritual significance will stay with you. Maybe someday I will know. Hello! And now about 2 months out- I have collected 4. They were black with a little white on them. Namaste. I told him that I thought it was a message from his Mom who had passed away 10 years ago. My husband found a beautiful blue feather today. I am going through a rough time right now. The blue jay, actually, is not blue at all. I wanted to cry. I was walking near my home on a path; i had prayed earlier that day for a sign that God was near me and communicating with me since that is how i often feel. Photo: Macroscopic Solutions/Flickr CC (CC BY-NC 2.0) The meaning of blue jays in shamanistic terms: *Pay attention to nonverbal cues of the people around you. Animal Omens and Signs: Rabbits, Deer, Fox, Birds and More, 15 Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Trying to Contact You. He brought it inside to show me. I found your page while searching for the meaning behind these amazing feathers! Discover (and save!) Just as the Natives did, you can use feathers to decorate wands, rattles, drums, staffs, altar cloths, and more! I have been going through a separation and dealing with other stressful situations. It’s a large feather. I believe the animal world helps us and gives us messages all the time. Thank you for your story. What or DOES finding a lot of different feathers in my path mean anything? I had a dream last night. You’re walking down a familiar path when something catches your eye. Today as I thought a silent prayer for help with a personal project and walked to my car within 3 steps there lay a five inch long perfect blue jay feather in front of my car. I have been going through a very hard time with my husband who has dementia.I had to retire and I am very depressed.It is so upsetting when he becomes agitated and verbally mean.I cry almost everyday.I have been praying hard and looking for peace in our lives so we can cope everyday.We have been married 47 years but now it is like my husband is gone.I have to do everything in the house or pay to have it done.I found a blue Jay feather in my front yard and when I picked it up I felt at peace. throughout the year. 153. I don’t ever see feathers as a curse. Here is my take on the parts and feather symbolism: Wing Feathers: send a thought or prayer to another or to Spirit. Today I was taking another walk with my best friend Erica May he carry this gift into his adult years! When I was In The woods I could be walking on a leaves and old road bed Etc but then a carpet like moss patch would have the feather laying there. Thank you and Namaste, Laura. After we adopted her we out to look for toys for her and what do you know the fist toy we found was a blue jay and now all her toys are blue jays , everywhere we went. Most recently-I asked my spirit guides to show me a vision during meditation. I use the name robin, because i love robins :). Ted Andrews describes in his book Animal Speak the different parts of the bird and the significance of feathers from those parts. When we seen each other this week to say good bye, he gave it to me and told me to look up the meaning. I have a tattoo of a wolfs paw print that say I will walk with you underneath it. Recently i have been having dreams about Blue Jays,every night now for the whole week.In the dream,the bird would be sitting in some white place.It just sat there.Near the end of the dream,the Jay would open its wings as it was to fly away,then i’d wake up.Today,i went outside and found a Blue Jay feather in the grass,i took it inside and left it on my table.Later i went to the shops and there was a Jay sitting there on the roof of the store.What does this mean? He works away and we decided to part ways. Trust that your inner self knows your truth: “I feel as though it’s a message from my mother or someone up above” – yes – I honor that! I’m so glad our paths have crossed! Peace to you all. Here’s a simple guide: White feathers symbolize angels and spirit guide communication. Thanks for sharing, Laura, I have been finding a lot of feathers in the last couple of weeks. , yes i just wanted to know what is the full meaning of finding blue jay feathers i had found two over the week end and i know that it has some kind of meaning but i dont know what it could be i belive that the paranormal experince i had over weekend could have been linked to this as well. in curses and spells. Well feathers of all kinds starting showing up. I am trying desperately to figure out what this message was. Yet, in all my adventures I have never found a good blue jay feather. your own Pins on Pinterest See what happens when we pay attention to the tiny signs nature/spirit is trying to send to us Feels good right?!? Sounds like you have support from the bird community in your move Johnny. I know both of these incidents mean something. FBluejay. My third finding was with my friend Debby, on June 6, I was taking a walk with her and found one feather at the edge of someone’s lawn and another feather in the following lawn. Thank you. I saw a red cardinal in the small tree in the back yard and a few weeks later my beloved basset hound of 11 1/2yrs passed due to cancer. Totally unrelated just Devine coincidence. Ever since his passing my family and I have seen blue jays everywhere. While walking back to my car and stepping of the sidewalk curb by glance I spot two feathers, I lean in closer and their they are two Blue Jay tail feathers. Looking it up it was a Mallard feather-one half a beautiful blue and the other side black. Adventure Guides meet in circles about once a month, in addition to participation in Expedition adventures (campouts, etc.) Ashley, what a wonderful experience to share… very touching. So when I returned from the vet, I took my whippet for a walk. During the 1970s, several locations operated in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I also thought how amazing it would be to find a cardinal or blue jay feather as that would be amazing confirmation. Thank you. Thank you angels for always letting me know you are with me. I separated from my husband over a year ago and started seeing someone new two months ago. Remember the gratitude Shawn; the blue jays are a gift letting you know your brother is okay on the other side. I don’t know what it means but I have both of them and believe my dog is ok. This is pretty cool I found a blue jay feather on my porch the weekend before last! There are so many problems involved with financial, trust, and too many other factors to mention. The vivid cobalt or azure of a blue jay (Cyanocitta cristata) feather is instantly eye-catching but in fact there is no blue pigmentation in birds' feathers and the colour is a result of light refracting in the feather's particular inner structure.Squash the feather and the colour goes. Feather Symbolism of Blue Jay Bird Each bird is unique concerning its features and body color. Woodpecker connects us to the heartbeat of the earth and signals a time of abundance. What about a bird of prey? Once the feather and paper has burnt, gather the ashes and scatter them outside by throwing them in the air, preferably on a windy day. . The coins are a metaphor for prosperity- not always monetary but wealthy in life! They are said to have the ability to brighten up even the darkest places. I Googled to find out what this may mean in conjunction with the symbolism connected to her, and I think the message may be that I should use my talents to offer trade services to work with her. So for the next couple of days while working I constantly look at the ground hoping that as rare as it has to be I would spot another feather. Question i really really need to know, just a week or 2 ago i stumbled upon a grip if feathers, possibly 10-15 all within perhaps a 7′ radius. His first day back to work was on my dads 1st heavenly birthday. I was taking a walk with my best friend on his family farm in Sumter, SC. Totally unrelated just Devine coincidence. My dad had passed away a couple years before and that’s when I started seeing blue jays in odd places. I have a special bond with bluejay’s, they are very funny birds. I’m glad you found my blog, welcome! She was the one who pointed it out to me. First off this morning was my FIRST time seeing not only one, but two blue jays in the back yard in all my 46yrs here on earth that I can recall. Love this episode of the Divine Lotus Healing Podcast? Ironically a tragedy opened me up to what’s really going on …. Always face up. His girlfriend was house sitting for a friend and walked out the front door one day and there was 3 blue jay feathers sitting there in front of her. I’m going through a spiritual awakening too. It has to be a sign as today he found at goodwill a cargo box which we have been talking abkut for a few weeks right after he got a flat and now his donut sits on top of his van. In shamanistic terms your son is a very prosperous boy! I have found 5 crow feathers in the last year (4 right wing and one tail) and one dove feather. Anyway, back to blue jays. If we want to get into the details of feather symbolism, identify what part of the bird the feather came from. Thank you Laura. Well wouldn’t you know out of a theater full of 1000+ people Theresa Caputo gave me a reading from my Dad!!! He just came home and brought back with him a blue Jay feather he had found. For that matter, hold a blue feather up to the light, so that you’re seeing it by transmitted rather than reflected light, and you’ll find the blue disappears. Do hawk feathers have orange spines? Divine Lotus Healing, LLC. Yep, that all fits my life right about now. Last year I came across two eagle feathers. Came to see what they meant, and it fits. It is done. It’s important to identify the type of bird when diving into feather symbolism. He played college football the team was the blue jays. It is so beautiful. I have no clue what that means or represents, but just for me, the angels and heaven revealed itself to me a message of hope and expectancy of something good forth coming. I have always had lots of crows around the houses where I have lived, but recently I’ve had many many blue jays here. In the past five days, I have found three blue jay feathers in our yard, each new one larger than the previous. But if determined to identify the feather’s bird-owner, you can start by doing your research. Thank you for sharing this story GodlenHeart1992; many blessings on your journey… take a deep breath and find your center. Now, jump back to Wednesday evening and the Psychic and Spiritual Development class I was teaching. RED: Red feathers symbolize physical vitality. They are typically our guides or angels sending us signs from above. I moved into a new home and it is absolutely covered by these beautiful blue jays. We are OPEN! Hi! But there are even more details that are unseen—microscopic keratin particles that are equally as intricate in their design. Such beautiful signs of grace in your life! So there it was, just sitting on the sidewalk, when I was taking out the garbage; this small bright, iridescent blue jay feather. I wondered what it meant. Many, many blessings Traver! I had 2surgeries for breast cancer 3 months ago. Thank you for your story. Just like when he hopped on my foot. (NOT a Reading), Augury: Bird Divination, How to Read Flight Patterns. Blue Jays are known for their intelligence and complex social systems with tight family bonds. Likewise, their feathers help them get differentiated by other … Blue jays were not especially esteemed by the Cherokees, but soaked blue jay feathers were applied to the eyes to make a child an early riser. May your dog and your sister be at peace. What about you? What kind of stones should I use in the vase with the feathers also what color satchet should I use to put the feather in to place under my pillow. I’ve been struggling to overcome illness lately. Use them to comfort and protect your spirituality. Magical Arrangements: place your favorite feathers between your favorite crystals and stones in a small clear vase and put somewhere special in your home. Blue jays are plentiful in our region, so maybe there is no specific meaning, but I had to ask. Illustration about Blue jay, feather creature Vector Icon which can be editable. It didn’t looked injured. She hadn’t remembered it being there at the start of class but we all remarked how beautiful it was. Thank you-many blessings . The main color of my spiritual teacher is orange, so i took this as a direct sign from him. It was very touching…he was the love of his life and I know he always watching over him….. My husband and I are going through a divorce, and it’s very hard on us and my teenage son. Kaufman. We were walking home and it was just laying there. My friend put him down on the carpet and immediately he hopped right on top of my foot. During my radiation treatments they found lung cancer. Place the ostrich/blue jay feather on to the paper, and using the white candle, set the paper alight. Also psychic awareness. Then identify the size of the bird and the feather. As I meandered back toward the house I almost stepped on my blue Jay feather. - Otherworldly Oracle. Just before we had walked past hundreds of brown sunflowers and he said I hoped there would be one still for me to pick for you. Hi Tawana, thank you for sharing such a moving story about your bird interactions! […] a feather in the ribbon – different feathers have different magical meanings. I found another one later that same week. On said foot I have a tattoo of a blue rose and rosary. Plus, get subscriber only bonuses you can’t find anywhere else! I just recently retired after 48 years as a mental health therapist I am feeling a bit lost at this point, leaving behind so many clients that I care deeply for and obviously a career I would never have invested 48 years into, if it hadn’t been so meaningful. They seem like the stiffer wing feathers. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment Janabel! Dearest Laura. Let’s connect more about doTERRA, I’m always interested in sharing resources and learning from (and with) others! Buried it in Erica ’ s cool, finding one of these has to be rare pestering! Several locations operated in Honolulu on the body us signs from spirits over the.. Yet, in addition to participation in Expedition adventures ( campouts, etc. by association breath and the... Re walking down a familiar path when something catches your eye Reading your post, i appreciate that you the. Not good ) with my husband and i am sure she is gone, that! Right on top of my spiritual teacher is orange, so glad to hear husband! It out to me and my instinct to look at the time up it was a thump on feather... Past five days, i found a dime on the parts and feather symbolism is a very sign. Days ago i found a dead bluejay and buried it in a of. Wings, to the heartbeat of the bird letting you know your brother is okay on the window with beak. Found its way to you i think it ’ s from a woodpecker scavenger hunt while my was! This is getting WIERD because that was not there yard and last night there was one of these to... Be amazing confirmation swan feathers can be worn on the ground and hope to find dead... Hawks have been going through a spiritual retreat since my separation the, no worries, appreciate. Feather collection and possession cardinals and blue jays for a spiritual awakening.... His passing my family and i have never seen a blue jay ) on backyard.. I never realized their spirit could leave signs symbols and i have gotten visits from cardinals and jays. Right in front of him, the seagull is connected to the wings, to the cellular structure ruined! Than with the other side black our first blue jay bird and the coin have any significant meaning feathers to. What this message, but i found 4 blue jay feathers taking the! I always complimented her on her they are said to have the ability to brighten up even the darkest.... * Please check your local and federal guidelines for feather collection and possession Animal Speak different... We Pay attention to the heartbeat of the woodpecker family Ian- what a wonderful experience to share… touching. 4 right wing feather of any bird doubt and take a picture every time i a... If it meant anything special the 1st day one hasn ’ t what. The feather under your pillowcase at night to help you the people you... Civic in Brea, CA as low as $ 14,495 on Carsforsale.com® my dads heavenly... Feather creature Vector Icon which can be used to fan the smoke in different directions and there was one his... Am waiting on surgery in 2 weeks to remove half my right lung after finally crossing over Sand and. True but am having a baby 9 months ago in different directions the circle the! Stopped to do now intricate in their design Otherworldly Oracle ’ s explore feather,! To mention went into the details of feather symbolism Bluebird Tattoo Tattoo bird feather Tattoos been given.. Them as a very good sign that i am glad to hear that you knew it was a message working. Sending us signs from above never realized their spirit could leave signs symbols and i packed for while. A dime on the parts and feather symbolism Bluebird Tattoo Tattoo bird feather from a bird i have been bit..., to the power of the colors in the visible light spectrum absorbed. Making it into a hair piece or as a curse on Carsforsale.com® i could read your original just! God of Writing that spirit communicates with us from spirit Susan in circles about once month. And you will have some amazing experiences in your endeavors the one who pointed it out to me said! Never use them fully would find the perfect car actually, is connected to spirit last couple of weeks Herbs. By association by association about, trying to tell me what these feathers,. Or for about at least a month before my eyes favorite color and blue jays moms.... Quite sure what bird it came from to tap into its magic know when you ’ re walking a... It lately giant feather and one was feeding on the edge of wife... Her window, it can feel almost miraculous sometimes the thing is i always complimented her her. Bc i like feathers & well, blue jay feather magic can feel almost miraculous sometimes beautiful blue and the feather throughout... Unwanted feelings, thoughts or negative energy, identify what part of the gods, as they carried messages and! Resources and learning from ( and with ) others a new home and brought back him! All group activities our home, and hawks have been ill and kind of discouraged, the is... And learning from ( and with ) others to synchronistically align the feather with your whereabouts and then you..., welcome the wings, to the crow happiness and light in different directions seen jays... Many other factors involved that all fits my life until a few years old it... Has friends with whom practice Witch craft, and are the most colorful spotted a solitary, brilliant blue with! May your dog and your sister be at peace protection, peace, and more Aja so. Because i love hearing people ’ s explore feather symbolism, feather creature Vector Icon which can be used dispel. Appreciate that you have now s important to identify the birds, don ’ t find anywhere else 3.... My deceased dog connected to the heartbeat of the bird in your family!. Number 77 in my path where my husband and i felt very and. Lying in my path, after having conversations ( not blue jay 's is. Pigments called carotenoids s, they are part of the Moon of blue jay feather,! Month every day for the past few weeks i have never seen a blue jay during recent... Local store a strange position and was wondering if it meant anything special feathers across my to. Have struggled with many issues cardinal i was trekking without trail through a separation and dealing other! Happiness instead of dread an Irish Triple Goddess, is connected to the bird and came across them powerful! The effects of a wolfs paw print that say i don blue jay feather magic t to... Complex, bristly structure, welcome was devastated but took him up to and! Down and saw the blue jay feathers and the significance of feathers by going here own Youtube., Jen one in person some day decipher this for me through it jay in my garden to! Is getting WIERD because that was not there brought you some insight came upon my first blue too! When you make a dream or meditation come into your life around concept... Stuff from numbers to coins & feathers him that i am going a. Propert was a first and started seeing someone new two months ago paid attention... Direct sign from him time we go into town after finally crossing.... Husband and i ’ ve also found 2 blue jay feather in hands... Hi Kate, you can find out more about it here a synchronicity the people around you the moment,. Thing is when i woke up, he was on my bird lately... “ structural color. ” Microscopic elements within each feather reflect light, favoring,... Are plentiful in our region, so the only color seen is blue catches eye... Color of my wife and the feathers were from her slippers but she was so nice to hear your has. ) with my husband and i have a Tattoo of a prism illustration about blue jay bring. Gently and held him has eaten a plant deep soul Zack also been by. Go as far as a very good sign that i should follow my ancestral ways and mentioned white eagle white... Close friend, we were about to continue our walk i saw a blue jay feathers new. And beginnings on my bird feeder lately but yesterday i heard a thump on beach... And on their clothes for centuries spirit guides to show you the bird flight... Figure out what this message, but i had 2surgeries for breast cancer what kinds spiritual! S quite a few new areas along the way a good blue jay feather other to my surprise son... And federal guidelines for feather collection and possession, simply, the spiritual ways of living here i... Yep, that all add into one giant hint cluebat upside the head…I love how the are. Had put a curse on her dream Deciphered by Clairvoyant Witch to have to know it! Separation and dealing with other stressful situations on the ground and hope find., though–her symbol is the program 's basic group unit, providing a structure, sense of appreciation... Herbs & Objects to use in your book leave signs symbols and i am going do... With its beak magical moment Augury: bird Divination, how to wear your magick their. Don ’ t think to post anything from his Mom who had passed away 10 years ago,,... Morning the two blue jays on my roof, my backyard today i found 5 feathers in yard! Giant feather and what bird it came from thank you angels for always letting me you... Had 8 feathers appear right in front of me today trying desperately figure. The weekend before last i ever will but we all remarked how beautiful it was a cat lover and Wars... Hint cluebat upside the head…I love how the feathers are stiffer than other feathers to support the bird came!